How to resolve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error?

Gmail has become one of the best email services around the world. But sometimes, you get stuck when receiving an error message “Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded”. To resolve this error, it is suggested to know the reason for this error. When you get this error message then it doesn’t mean that your storage limit has exceeded in real. There are several reasons for this error and few of them are as below.

It might be possible that the filter is sending mail through the filled mail account

Maybe you are sending email to the user whose storage limit has exceeded

While commonly if you get in touch with the technical teams then, the errors might get fixed in 24 hours. But, before you contact the Gmail Support UK, it is essential to try a few resolutions which might work for you and hence can save a lot of time and money. Have a look at those methods to resolve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error.

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Solution 1: Open Gmail and remove unwanted files or emails. It might seem hackneyed but it is a recommendation to make sure that there’re no unnecessary and unwanted emails saved in your Gmail which is causing the storage space issue.

Solution 2: It is suggested to clean the items that are stored in the spam and trash email folders. By deleting the emails from the inbox doesn’t mean that the email has been removed finally from your Gmail. Most of the time those removed emails end up in spam/trash folder so, here you have to delete them to free-up the Gmail storage space.

Solution 3: Permanent deletion of large files/attachments from your Gmail and let’s have a look that how to delete the large files from Gmail

• First of all, login to your active Gmail account
• Type ‘has: attachment larger: 10M” in the search box (replace the number 10 as per the size and number of the files you want to delete)
• Select the emails which you no longer required and delete them
• Go to the trash and remove the files/items also from trash
• Now, go to the spam folder and delete all the files that you don’t need anyone

Solution 4:

Purchase more storage space to store emails in the Gmail. In case your whole work depends on Gmail then, you can also purchase extra space from Google. It would save the time as you don’t have to remove the previous emails.

By following the given solutions, you can easily troubleshoot the error. But in case, if you are still facing the error message then just call on Gmail Helpline Number UK for instant and reliable help from the technical team.