What can I do to Access Thunderbird Gmail altogether?

Thunderbird has become a free and open-source cross-platform app to manage emails, chat, news feeds, and newsgroups. The main feature of Thunderbird is that it will work excellently with Google Gmail and synchronize messages between the local Thunder version and the web-based Gmail account.

Steps to configure Gmail Account

For Thunderbird to collaborate properly with the Gmail service, the very first step one should do is to enable IMAP on the Gmail account. On newer Gmail, IMAP is set by default and older Gmail account users will need to configure IMAP manually to Access Thunderbird Gmail altogether.

What can I do to Access Thunderbird Gmail altogether?

• Go to the Gmail official website on your computer
• Choose the Gear-icon in the upper-right corner
• There you have to choose to See all settings
• Now, choose the tab which says “Forwarding and IMAP/POP”
• Choose Enable IMAP in the IMAP Access section and choose Save Changes

How can I access Thunderbird and Gmail simultaneously?

You easily can access IMAP-Enabled Gmail account in Thunderbird and for that, you have to-

• Open the Thunderbird on the desktop and choose File and New and then, Existing Mail Account
• In the dialog box of Setup Existing Email Address and enter the Gmail account detail and thunderbird will configure the Gmail connection automatically
• After choosing to continue, the program will find the server details and then, press Done and a pop-up will appear which asks you to log in to your Gmail account

Here you have to sign in with the Google credentials and then Thunderbird will download the Gmail messages and you can access Gmail on Thunderbird easily.

What can I do to manage Gmail folders with Thunderbird?

In the IMAP Implementation of Gmail, labels will become Thunderbird folders. When the user labels an email in Gmail then, Thunderbird will create a folder with the same name and will store emails there.

By default, Thunderbird will show all Gmail folders which you have set up. To select Gmail folders to show them in Thunderbird and you can change a few settings and for that-

• Go to the File menu in the Thunderbird and choose to Subscribe
• Cleat the checkboxes that appear next to the folders which you don’t want to appear in the Thunderbird
• Now, choose Ok and the unchecked folders don’t display in the Thunderbird

Why did Thunderbird stop working with Gmail?

If you found that Thunderbird has stopped working with Gmail, all you have to do is to follow a few methods to troubleshoot this issue.

SOL 1- Enable IMAP Settings

For Thunderbird to work with Gmail in proper synchronization, the primary step is to set up the IMAP. IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and it is a standard that helps to keep all the emails safe and allows multiple applications to display the action which are taken on those emails. By enabling the IMAP settings, Thunderbird and Gmail can work simultaneously without any hassle.

To enable IMAP access,

• Open the Gmail account and click on “Setting”
• This Settings tab appears in the top-right corner
• Go to the “Forwarding and IMAP/POP” section
• Under the ‘IMAP Access’ section, you have to choose ‘Enable IMAP’
• Click on the Save Changes option and you are all set

SOL 2- Check SMTP Settings on Thunderbird

The SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol works as the communication compliance between various message transfer agents. It will be updated and modified continuously and any SMTP imperfections settings might get disturbed the sending and receiving emails flow while using Thunderbird.

To change SMTP Settings-

• Click on the Gmail account on which you are troubled with
• Choose “Account Settings” from the top-right corner
• Click on the ‘Server Settings’ from the tabs that appear on the left side top check it in detail
• Move to the previous version of Thunderbird

If the service provider doesn’t support the recent version of Thunderbird then, it is suggested to move back to the prior version. It will fix the Thunderbird issue due to which you won’t be able to use Gmail.

SOL 3- Whitelist Thunderbird in Antivirus Firewall

If the server settings are working properly, it is the case where the firewall doesn’t recognize Thunderbird safe to open. So, it is suggested to whitelist the email tool to fix the issue for many users. For that-

• Locate the Settings and choose Update and Security and choose Windows Security
• Now, access the “Manage Settings” option then click on “Virus and threat protection”
• Go to the “Add an exclusion” option through “Add or remove exclusions” and choose thunderbird

You can see that now the Thunderbird Gmail issue is fixed and you will be now able to use Thunder and Gmail simultaneously.