AOL disappearance issue, how to resolve?

AOL mail has always been very easy for everyone to use and to understand, there is nothing better than AOL mail service to be used for the process of smooth email exchange, it is because of all these major email services because of which the whole process of communication has become easy for people, out of all the email services it is AOL that appears to be the easiest for being used. Also, it is one of the most efficient services that can be used for the exchange of emails.

There are messengers also that the users can use for instant replies and for sending of messages at a faster pace, but we all are already well familiar with the fact that how many emails are still well in trend, and are more in use when it comes to professional aspects, here as were discussing AOL emails above we will continue with the discussion regarding the same service, as per the demand of the topic and won't divert our focus on email service in general, here we will focus on the resolving of AOL disappearance issue, we will see all t4he details related to the problem such as the causes that may lead to this issue also we will see the solutions that the user can apply for this.

AOL disappearance issue, how to resolve?

The reasons that may lead to the AOL mail disappearance issue are as follows:

• There are chances that the user might have deleted the email by mistake
• Email being present in some other wrong folder
• Email marked as spam and sent to spam folder directly
• Delay in the process of email delivery
• Incorrect configuration settings in the third party email client

If the email has been deleted by mistake, then for the recovery from trash the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should log in to AOL mail account
• Next should click on the trash option from the left sidebar of the email
• The user will then be able to see all the messages removed from the AOL mail inbox on the display
• Then from the deleted emails, the user should choose the emails that are missing and are needed in the inbox
• Next, the user should choose “more” from the options in the bar
• After that, the user should click on the “move to” option and next should choose the inbox

Emails deleted from the AOL mail server permanently:

Well, this can be a case too, but the users still do not need to worry it is so because they can still get those messages recovered though not from the trash of AOL but by making a special request regarding the same to the AOL mail administrator, the users can also take help from the email data recovery software programs. The user will have to get them downloaded and will further have to use them accordingly.

Email is there in some other AOL mail folder:

There are chances that an AOL email message may have been sent to some wrong AOL Mail folder and therefore the user may not be able to locate it, in this case, the user will have to check out all the folders though once the email is found the user can then move email from one folder to another very easily.

Edit filter settings in AOL mail:

The problem of missing emails in AOL mail can also be because of email filter settings being configured wrongly, but the users can get them edited by following the given steps:

• The user should sign in AOL mail account
• Then from the top menu bar, the user should choose “options”
• After that, the user should click “mail settings”
• In the next step, the user should enter an email filter and should click the go button
• Next should choose the filter settings option
• The user should then move the cursor to the filter name That is causing the problem
• After that, should click on the edit button
• The user should then get the filter settings changed
• At last, should click on the Save button

Email in the spam folder:

• In this case, the user should follow the steps given below:
• The user should log in to AOL mail account
• The user should then choose the folder spam from the sidebar menu
• All emails marked as spam will then be visible on the display
• There, from those the user can locate the missing email
• From the top menu bar, the user should click on “not spam”

AOL account not active for a long time:

• In this case, the AOL emails may go missing this can be because of the following reasons:
• The user might have requested AOL service for the deactivation of the account
• The user may not have logged in to AOL mail for a long time
• The user may have violated any terms of use associated with the use of an AOL mail account.

So, these are all the possible reasons that may lead to the given issue, also all those causes that can be fixed by following any series of steps, have been discussed very well. The users will just have to read the given information carefully and will further have to act upon it accordingly; the service will then be working fine and will be efficient again to be used by the user in the right manner. The service will then be performing as per the expected set up and everything will be in its proper place.