AOL Mail not working on Macbook Pro: Quick and Reliable Fixing

AOL mail is a popular email service because of its compatibility with all devices and one can enjoy this service without any hassle. If you are using Macbook Pro and get stuck because AOL isn’t working on it then, you are in the right place. MacBook users usually get stuck when they aren’t able to send or receive emails from their AOL mail. This is the main issue that a Yahoo user is troubled with.

You can fix this error just by following a few steps. When you aren’t able to use your mail account then, you won’t be able to do any email-related work. Follow a few steps given below to fix AOL Mail stops working on Mac Pro in the very shortest time frame.

AOL Mail not working on Macbook Pro: Quick and Reliable Fixing

Error while receiving email on Macbook Pro

AOL Mail might stop working when you aren’t able to receive email on Macbook Pro. There might be an issue with the entered email address or the previous password. You will need to follow a few steps given below

• Install AOL Mail on the Macbook Pro and go to the email menu
• Now, tap on the Preferences option and then, open the account tab
• Tap on the AOL Mail account and then, tap on Account Information
• Check for any mistype to your email address and
• Tap on the email address drop-down arrow and edit the choose the edit option
• Double-tap on the full name or on the AOL Mail address, edit all the mistyped details
• Now, tap on Ok and edit the password and start the tab of the system preferences
• This is the time to tap on the Internet Preferences and select AOL entry in the tab
• Enter the correct AOL mail id and password and tap on the details
• If required then, change the provided description and your AOL full name and password

Error while sending email on Macbook Pro

It is one of the main issues for AOL not working with Mac mail and it mainly happens when the STMP server isn’t configured correctly. Follow the below-given steps –

• Tap on the main menu and choose the option Preferences
• Tap on the option accounts tab and then, click on the AOL mail
• Find the server settings and then, tap on it
• Change the AOL mail server at the outgoing AOL Mail menu
• To check these server settings by using a menu tap on the Edit STMP server list

Check the outgoing AOL mail servers list and find the AOL mail entry and ensure that all the settings ate accurately or any correction is required

How to Check the Email Server Connection Settings?

When you have checked your email account type, the next step is to check your incoming server settings. If you are receiving email but still having issues while sending an email then, you can skip to the next step and check the outgoing server settings!

Both iOS and macOS manage the server connection settings for most account types specifically Exchange accounts. In fact, for Exchange accounts, the connection settings which you can twist on Mac are the External and Internal URL. If there aren’t URLs then, uncheck the Accounts tab, “Automatically Manage Connection Settings”

Beyond that, there isn’t much to verify with the Exchange accounts. When it comes to IMAP accounts, both iOS and macOS have become quite good at managing connecting settings automatically. macOS determined the exact parameters automatically while setup the account in the native Mail app.

If you are using an old Apple OS or if your Apple OS doesn’t configure automatically then, you might have to change them manually. Call on AOL Phone Number UK and get in touch with the technical experts in case if you are troubled with your AOL Mail. The technical experts are very much experienced and hence they will help you out.