Can I import AOL contact and messages in Gmail?

AOL Mail has become the best and topmost email service across the world. This email service is the best one when it comes to send and receive emails on AOL Mail. You can keep Gmail plug-in into the AOL mail and preview your inbox there, but when it comes in the other direction then, what to do? No problem, you switch from AOL Mail to Gmail to take your emails, contacts, and folders with you.

We are here with the exact ways to do so and before that, you have to make sure that you are using a good network connection. You can import AOL contact and messages in Gmail and for that, you will need to apply a few steps given below.

Can I import AOL contact and messages in Gmail?

Quick ways to import AOL Contact and Messages in Gmail

Fortunately, it is simple to copy all of the archived and inbox messages into Gmail from AOL Mail. Also, you can migrate your address book and we are here with all of them.

You can import just about all your mail and your address book from AOL Mail into Gmail. All of the copied messages will remain in the AOL Account.

• First of all, copy all of the emails which you want to import from the AOL Mail Sent Mail and Spam folders to a folder that is known and AOL Mail Saved Mail or another custom folder.
• (Drafts messages, as well as spam folders, are not imported)
• After that, log in to your Gmail account and choose the Settings gear in Gmail
• Then, you will need to choose to See all Settings and choose the Accounts and Import tab
• Choose Import mail and contacts and the Import dialog box will open
• This is the time to enter the AOL Mail address and choose Continue
• Here, you have to enter the AOL mail password and then, choose Continue

Make sure to Import contacts and Import mail are chosen and to have messages which you have received at the AOL Account copied to your Gmail inbox for a month automatically

You have to choose to Import new mail for the next 30 days and then, choose Start Import and then, choose Ok when the importing procedure is finished

This step will import Gmail contacts, folders, and emails into AOL mail and now there is no need to switch the email services for different work. You can do it from the same email service AOL mail. In case, if you think that it has become tougher or just want to separate your email services then, you will need to stop importing step.

Quick Ways to Stop Importing AOL Mail into Gmail

If you have decided that you are no longer want to import new messages from AOL Mail into Gmail then, you can stop importing emails

• First of all, login to your Gmail account by entering your email address and credentials
• Now, choose the Settings gear in the Gmail account
• After that, choose See all Settings and choose the Accounts and Import tab
• In the Import Mail and Contacts section, you have to choose Stop or Delete appears next to the account which you want to stop getting emails from
• In the last, you have to choose Ok to confirm that you want to stop importing emails into the Gmail account. The email address will be immediately removed

Here, you are all done with the procedure to import AOL to Gmail and in case, if you are stuck with any issue then, call AOL Support Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any help. Importing AOL mail to Gmail is very necessary if you are using both of the email services at the same time.