How can I get my contacts backup on Google?

Google has been people’s favorite for many reasons, it is through the services and the features offered by Google that everything has been so smooth and easy all the time as it came to the world of information technology. It is because of Google that everything is so safe and so much secure for people to use, where there is the trust of Google involved people there do not need to worry regarding any issue related to online safety and security. For example, yes we can look up to how Google has now made it easy for people to keep all their important contacts in the backup. So, now gone are the days when losing a phone further resulted in losing all contacts as well.

But, the main problem that people now get to face is that if they do not belong to proper technical backgrounds, then, for, them creating contacts backup on Google becomes a tricky procedure. Here, in the guide, we will see certain easy procedures in proper detail through which you will be able to get contacts back up on Google very easily. There is not just one, there are many ways through which you can get it done now which one suits you the best depends on your choice.

How can I get my contacts backup on Google?

Manually syncing contacts to Google account

In order to sync all your contacts manually to Google account you are advised to follow the given steps:

• Open Settings on your smartphone
• Choose the option accounts
• If there is more than one account then choose the one that is to be updated
• After this, choose the option “account sync”
• In the next step click on “more”
• At last click on “sync now”

Back up for contacts on android via export

• On your android device, you should open the contacts application
• Then from the menu, you are expected to click the option “settings” further you are advised to click “export”
• In order to save the .vcf file, you will need to choose the save option
• The.vcf file is to be kept at a safe place
• The best place to keep this file would be a SIM or a memory card
• The file can also be saved on cloud services such as Google Drive or Gmail

Importing contacts from a VCF file

If you need to get the file uploaded to a new device you will need to follow the steps given below:

• You should open the contacts application
• There you need to click on “settings”
• Next, you are advised to click the option “import”
• After this, you will need to move to the download manager
• Next, you are advised to click on the “menu icon”
• Further, you will go to the exact place on your system where the file is saved
• Once the file is chosen Google will then itself import all the important data and info from the phone.

So, these are the ways and means through which you can easily get the contacts backup created on Google, this feature offered by Google has really been helpful for people in various ways. Also, the conduct of the whole process has really been very easy and smooth. This service has been equally good not just for android users but also for the people using their computers or laptops.

Even if you are using a simple phone instead of android, even in that case if you will keep your Google account backed up with the contacts saved on your phone then, at the time of crisis you will still be able to fetch all your important contacts, you will just have to login your Google account on your computer or laptop.

The concluding thoughts

All the procedures that are discussed here are all really very easy and smooth to be conducted, but still, it is recommended that you should go through this guide once. After reading the guide things would be more easy and smooth for the users if in case the guide ever leaves the user confused at any point due to any reason then for more clearance of the doubts you can collect more information through other sources as well, but here all have been covered really well.