Difference between G Suite and Gmail: Which One is best

Not all Gmail accounts are G Suite accounts. And not every Google account ends at @Gmail.com. Here is what you actually need to know about the differences. In this guide, we will focus on some exact difference between G Suite and Gmail so that you can choose the best.


A Gmail account is actually a free Google account with an email address that ends in @gmail.com. Gmail accounts arrived on the scene back in 2004, and they were like a hot commodity that people required to receive an invitation to get an account. At the time, the 1 GB of storage space and also clever threading of the conversations seemed so advanced in contrast to Hotmail or Yahoo accounts, as the free storage space amount grew, so did the applications people linked with a Gmail account. People who use Gmail can also access Google Docs, slides, sheets, and calendars. The account allows access to other Google applications such as Maps, Photos, and YouTube.

Difference between G Suite and Gmail: Which One is best

Many Gmail users such as the applications and the anywhere/anytime access so much that they manage to have their work email forwarded to Gmail; this is more common in smaller enterprises where email security is more relaxed. The account settings of Gmail let you display a business email address as the “reply from” address. A Gmail account is arranged only by the certain who owns the account, not an enterprise’s IT administrator.

G Suite Accounts

G Suite accounts come in many editions: Basic, Business, Enterprise, as well as configurations for Education, Nonprofit, or Government enterprises. Unlike a standard Google or Gmail account, a G Suite administrator manages all accounts linked with every one of these editions. G Suite delivers access to a core set of apps which include Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Google+, Forms, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, sites, and Group. G Suite Subscribers receive access to phone and email support also

G Suite is meant for business and can be centrally managed, unlike Gmail

The main difference between G Suite and Gmail lies in resource ownership. G Suite resources are owned by the company who has the wide control across all accounts. Gmail resources are owned by particular users, and the enterprise is unable to control the mailbox or resources of the particular employees. Hence, when a staff member leaves the organization, all the information and files under the employee account follows the employee that is a risk to the organization. It goes the same for Google services like Google Analytics, Google AdWords and etc., applied under the personal Gmail account of the leaving employee. Upon changing of password, the organization will no longer be able to access these services and needs re-application/re-setup.

In comparison, all data under every account is stored in the cloud and managed centrally through the admin console by the administrator, who easily can re-assign the access rights to the new employee.

G Suite is Rechargeable service and Gmail is Free

Gmail is free for all whereas G Suite is a chargeable service. G Suite has many features that are designed specifically for companies that cannot be found in Gmail.

Gmail is designed for individual VS G Suite is designed for business

G Suite and Gmail are basically different from the design perspective. Well, many functions are similar; Gmail is actually designed for individual users while the G Suite is for business and team association.

Hence, since Gmail is developed for individual use by default, there is no team management function, and the file-sharing are limited to sharing between individuals. If a Gmail user wants for sharing a file to multiple other Gmail users, they must set the file to access the rights of every object one by one. If the enterprise is a team of 4 then, you must enter 4 other email addresses of members. In other words, the more people there are in the enterprise, the more resolution collaborative work becomes.

These are a few and most important thing which you have to keep in mind while choosing G Suite or Gmail. Call on G Suite Support Number UK to get in touch with the technical team for instant and reliable help regarding more information and details. The G Suite experts are highly experienced and known for providing reliable and instant help.