Effective Troubleshooting Steps for AOL Error 604

AOL Mail is the email service and comes with enchanting features and ample storage space to send or receive emails. Nothing is designed perfectly and the same goes with AOL as it comes with some technical glitches too. AOL Error 604 is one of them and this error will stop the email service due to which you cannot send or receive any email. In this guide, you will learn the effective troubleshooting steps for AOL Error 604 to enjoy your AOL mail again without any hassle.

Before moving ahead with the troubleshooting steps, have a look at its reasons, so that you can keep those in mind to avoid this error code in the future.

Effective Troubleshooting Steps for AOL Error 604

AOL Mail Error 604 appears the delivery failure issue and this problem comes due to the few common reasons which are:

• SMTP Error
• Connection Problem
• Account Configuration Error

this error that how you can fix this

Troubleshooting AOL Mail

Most of the people receive this error message when they have an issue with their internet connection. So, you should identify the settings and make sure that your internet is working perfectly fine.

Also, if you’re using any type of antivirus or firewall security program, you should disable them for a while and after that, try to send an email. Now, let’s see if you still get error code on your computer, if yes then move ahead!

Retry the Procedure again:

Basically, the quickest and easiest solution to resolve this error code is simply giving it a pause, when you see this error code on your screen then, sit back and relax and after few minutes try to send the email again.

Check the “AOL” or “A.O.L.”

If you still continue to see, “The message wasn’t sent because of an error”, then you need to check the letters “AOL” or “A.O.L” aren’t pasted or mistyped with the display name of your account. As it could be problematic while sending emails from your account

Check the Display Name of your Account

In case, if you have experienced any account related issues and have currently recovered from a compromised account then, you should be sure that you are working with the correct and appropriate account’s name. Because it has been examined that the spammers play badly with the display name of the account sometimes.

Some effective and other AOL email resolution tricks for ‘The message wasn’t sent because of an error’

Be sure that you are using updated software

The Linux adobe flash player is compatible and that is why you should check if you have got the same or just upgrade you're existing Adobe Flash player

• Check the “Cookies” status and you need this to be “Enabled” mode
• Clear all cookies, cache, temporary files, and footnotes
• Try to use another browser and if it works then it means after a few time it will work on your current browser also

Here are some more easy troubleshooting steps of this error

If a user is experiencing this error code then a few below given fixed can be tried:

1. Restart computer: The user can try to restart for resolving the issue. It’ll clear the internal storage and in most of the cases, resolves the error also

2. Use a different browser: The issue might be occurring due to an old browser version. The user can try to access the AOL Mail on a different browser.

3. Check display name: It is necessary to check the mail settings and if the account was recently compromised or hacked

4. Clear Cache: The issue might get fixed just by clearing the browser cache. It’ll delete the unwanted information by resetting it and the browser performance will be enhanced

5. Disable Firewall or Antivirus: The issue might get fixed by turning off the firewall on a temporary basis in the system. But it should be turned on soon just after the email is sent through AOL Account.

6. Disable Pop-Up Blocking Software: To send AOL email, the user needs to disable the pop-up on a temporary basis

By following the given steps you can get AOL Error 604 resolved on your own. Call on AOL Helpline UK for instant help from the technical teams. The teams are available 24*7 to help you in any manner they can.