How can I enable hidden emoticons in Gmail?

Well, now a day when there are more conversations online and there are very fewer people meeting and talking offline it has become really important for people to have emoticons to use while they are talking through a computer or through an android or any other device. It is because of these that people are able to express their emotions correctly. Not using the correct one often leaves people confused and they are often struggling with misunderstandings.

So, by this, we can easily understand how important it is for everyone to use a proper emoticon while conveying any message through the online mode of communication. Yes, the internet has made life very easy for people but at the same time, there are certain communication-related complications also that have risen over time.

How can I enable hidden emoticons in Gmail?

Using emoticons in messengers:

Well, all know there are so many online messenger applications that are available for us to use for the purpose of proper communication. Also, emoticons are the best to be used on messenger. They are the easiest to insert in the message if one is using Facebook messenger or any other messenger for that matter.

Using emoticons in Gmail

This is something not known to many people, but yes the service has got itself updated now and you can also use emoticons in it. Now, you can make your emails more appealing and also attractive for people to read. So, we can say that just by inserting a few emojis here and there in your Email body it would become easy for you to convince anyone of anything that you need to be done.

Elaborating it further we can say that having emoticons inserted in any of the email threads adds more life to it. There are chances that a mail with some similes is more likely to be read by people. Otherwise, if there will be no emoticon in a particular message then that email is more prone to be left unread unattended in the inbox.

Where one can make the most out of emoticons in Gmail?

Even if you are sending a birthday wish or if you are sending wishes to your client for any specific special day or any festival for your professional bond still would need a certain kind of personal touch. This much-needed personal touch would only come through the emoticons only.

How to make use of emoticons?

The easiest way out for using them is there are some Gmail defaults similes that the users can use for adding to the emails, but everything is not as simple as it seems to be. There is still a lot more that is required to be discussed in relation to the use of emoticons

Enabling Hidden emoticons

There are default similes through which you can easily use those in Gmail, but also there are certain more emoticons that are available for the user to use. But all those are hidden and are required to be enabled through a proper procedure only then the users will be able to use them.

For enabling hidden emoticons in Gmail follow the steps given below:

• Log in to the Gmail account
• Next, open the “mail settings” it is usually visible at the top of Gmail
• After this click on the lab tab
• Then check the first box called extra Emoji
• After this click on “save changes”

So, this is how you can enable hidden emoticons in Gmail, and then you can further insert all these in your body of Gmail.


Yes, it is not really important for you to use these symbols while you are sending an email but still, it is strongly recommended to you that you use and enable hidden Gmail emoticons. It is so as using them, would do no harm to your email moreover it would only add more appeal to that message and would make it more attractive than usual. The use of emoticons in your email would only add more value to it. Your sent email would look more genuine so if in case you are trying to convince someone for something using emoticons in your communication process is the best way out to get it done in a very smooth manner.