What are the ways to fix Gmail Account Login Issue?

Gmail Login issue is very common among the users and every user has experienced this issue at least once. Because of the simple interface, one can easily sign into their account. You must have an email address and password linked with your Gmail account.

What are the procedures to log in to Gmail?

Before moving ahead with the resolution for the Gmail Account Login Issue, it is very much required to follow the exact procedures to log in to the Gmail account.

What are the ways to fix Gmail Account Login Issue?

• Go to the trusted compatible browser (Chrome). Now, type gmail.com in the search bar and open the official Gmail page
• Click on the Sign-in option that appears at the top-right corner and you will be redirected to the Gmail sign-in page
• Enter the email ID or linked phone number and after that, click on next. After that, enter the password linked with your account and again click on Next

Here you go! As you can see your Gmail account has successfully opened and you can change the settings as you want.

Troubleshooting Gmail Login Issue

As you already know the exact way to sign in to your Gmail account and if you are having any issue then, move ahead with the resolution procedure mentioned below-

Check the Internet Connection

The very first thing you have to do is to check the internet connection of your device. Gmail works great when there is a good internet connection. If you have a weak one it will respond a bit slow but if there is no internet then, it won’t work. So, check the network connection first and then, move ahead with the next troubleshooting method.

How to check the Gmail server?

There might be a Gmail server behind a login error and this happens because the Gmail server is down. You can check the server status from the G Suite dashboard page. If there is a green button then, it means the server is working properly and if there is orange then, it means that there is service disruption and the Red button says that there is a server blockage or error due to which you cannot be able to login to Gmail account.

Incorrect Gmail username and password

It sounds quite silly because users always take care of the entered credentials. But still, there are some users who just do typo errors while entering credentials in the required field to sign in to Gmail. It might be the reason behind the Gmail login issue so; you should re-check the entered Gmail account credentials including Email address and password.

Clearing browser to sign in Gmail

There are some users who have reported that after entering the password, they get an error message on their screen ‘page that cannot be displayed. This issue mainly happens because of browser-related issues. Move ahead with the mentioned steps to optimize your browser-

• Remove the browser temp files
• Also, clear the browser cache

Install all available update the web browser

If the problem still persists then, reset the web browser and before resetting the browser, don’t forget to backup the saved password, bookmarks, and useful information as well

Forgotten password or Hacked Gmail Account

Users might have forgotten their account password or their account has been hacked and this is the most popular reason behind this issue. In both of the cases, the resolution left behind is to recover the password, and for that-

• First of all, visit the Gmail sign-in page
• Enter the username linked with Gmail account and click on Next
• Click on the ‘Forget Password’ and Gmail will then ask for the last remembered password. Alternative: you also can choose ‘Try Another Way
• There you have to enter the recovery email address to receive the verification code and enter that code and press Next to sign in
• Set a new password two times to confirm the action and click on Next and you will be signed in to your Gmail account

Follow the above-given methods to fix Gmail login problems and if the login error still persists then, all you have to do is to reset the procedure and try again.