Can I contact Google for my Gmail account restoration?

Over so many years of its flawless services, Google has offered so many services and products to people and has further made things easier for them, in the world of the internet and information technology, but out of those all still the best gift for people has been the Gmail email service, it is Gmail that has simplified the world of emailing and the process of messaging through the internet an easy thing for the people using the internet.

Is it possible to contact Google for Gmail account restoration?

Well, though Gmail has been the easiest for people to use so far also all its features have been highly impressive, as compared to all other email services that are out there competing with Gmail, but with certain things Gmail users do get stuck very often while using Gmail accounts, such as Gmail account restoration after losing the access is one such problem. In order to get a solution for this, it is not at all possible to contact Google, but there are certain hacks that we will further discuss here in the guide through which restoring a Gmail account would become an easy thing for the users.

Can I contact Google for my Gmail account restoration?

How backing up a Gmail account on a regular basis would help?

Well, yes if one would keep a regular back up of all the data stored in his or her Gmail account then, at the time when the person would lose access to his or her Gmail account then Google would help the users with the downloading of important lost data through its special feature named as “Takeout”

How keeping a record of old passwords would help?

Yes, this is another thing that Gmail users should do, they should always keep a record maintained for all their passwords that they have used so far, for their Gmail account, this way at the time of account recovery getting the identity of the user verified becomes easy for Google and thus regaining access to the account becomes easy for the users.

Why one should check the available Gmail account recovery information?

If Google has some recovery information regarding its Gmail user it then becomes smooth for the user to get his or her identity easily verified.

So for adding the recovery info if it is not there, the user is advised to follow the given steps:

• The user is advised to open the Google account page
• After this, the user is advised to click on “security”
• Next, you will have to scroll down and go to “ways we can verify it’s you”
• There the user will get to see if a recovery phone number is registered or not

If it is not filled up then the user is advised to get the needful done, in order to ensure further ease in the future.

So, these are some ways through which the users will be able to get their lost Gmail account recovered very easily, so to be precise and to summarize it all in few lines, it can be said that the users are just requested to keep a record of certain important information and the further recovery of the account would then be easy and smooth for the users.


If you have to recover your lost Gmail account, then for that there is no way out through which you can directly contact Google, but there are certain measures through which you can easily recover your Gmail account, but those will only help if you will have some important info well maintained, as only then Google will be able to verify you as a user.