Gmail Authentication Error Troubleshooting Steps

Out of all the email services that are available in the world of the internet the one that is taken into use most popularly is Gmail, the service is very easy to be used all thanks to the user interface design of the service the whole setup of the service is very easy to be understood and to be further used.

But even after things being so smooth with the workings of the Gmail service, it often happens that the users do get stuck with certain issues as there are advanced technologies and features involved in the setup that is why this happens, here in the blog we will see resolution for Gmail Authentication Failed, as per the demand of the topic. The issue is very common to occur on Gmail but one needs to have proper technical knowledge regarding the same for getting the problem fixed. So it is best for the user to take guidance from the learned team over the same.

Gmail Authentication Error Troubleshooting Steps

Common steps that the people follow for the fix of the given Gmail issue are as given below:

• The device should be turned on and should be updated to the latest version
• The user should further click on the Gmail account application next the user should choose “mail account”
• After that, the reset button should be pressed on the device
• The user can also try to fix the issue by deactivating and then again activating the account
• The account should also be reactivated for Apple mail and further should choose the mail server button
• Next, after clicking on the IMAP mail server the user should enter Google accounts email address
• As the procedure completes the user can then sign in to the Google account through an Apple device.

If the same problem occurs while using Gmail on Outlook then in that case, the user will have to follow slightly different steps but the user will still be able to get the service fixed and it will be back to normal working.

In order to fix the error on Outlook the user should, first of all, enable IMAP in Gmail:

• The user should log in Gmail account
• Further, the user should open “settings”
• Next, the user should choose the option “Forwarding POP/IMAP “ option
• After that, the user should enable IMAP
• The updated changes should then be saved
• Access for less secure applications should be enabled from there

If other than all the information that has been provided here regarding the fix of the issue then, in that case, the user should take help and support from the technicians available at Gmail Contact Help Service UK, the experts can also be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails. There is no such issue or error related to the mail service that cannot be given a fix by the experts as they are trained and certified by the leading technical institutes for the same.

Other than the authentication errors there are many other possible Gmail issues that the user may get to deal with while using the service, but all of those can be resolved very easily just through the help, support, and guidance from the team of Gmail service experts.