How does Gmail help to find Google Account?

Google allows you to recover your account in case if you have forgotten your password or username, or you cannot get verification codes. Google has provided so many trusted services like Gmail, Google Play, and Google photos as well.

Google Account Recovery if Forgotten Email Address

If you are troubled while signing into a Google account because you have forgotten your email address then, all you have to do is to go to the Google Finding Email page and then, follow the on-screen prompts to verify if it is you. Because Gmail helps to find Google Account which you cannot be able to access because of forgotten password or email address.

How does Gmail help to find Google Account?

All you have to do is to enter the full name linked with your Google account and then the phone number, else the recovery email address is linked with it. When the server recognizes that it is you (the owner), then the account will be recovered.

Recover Google Account if Forgotten Password

If the Google account password is the main issue then, go to the Google account recovery page to get your password recovered. Now, you will be prompted for identity confirmation, and for that, you have to answer a few security questions.

If possible then, you should try to finish this procedure by using a device that you use to get access to your account and in a location where you have used that account previously. If you aren’t able to get access to your account via the security questions, then you have to try again.

Google comes with helpful tips in case if you are troubled with answering the security questions correctly. When you have confirmed the identity only then, Google allows you to reset your password. To use this option, all you have to do is to enter the email address, and hence, if you forgot both, then, all you need to do is to start with the option ‘forgot email address’ that is provided in the list.

Google is very friendly when it comes to providing some basic details of your so that, you can reset the lost password. Let’s move ahead with the below-given steps to fix everything-

• Open and click on ‘Forgot Password’
• Now, enter the last password which you have remembered and if it doesn’t work then, click on the option which says ‘Try another way’
• Google will then send a verification email to the alternate account which you have entered when you created the Gmail account and when you are done then, click on Send to move ahead
• After that, check the alternate email account for the email which you have received from Google to get Google Verification Code and enter this code into the Console of Account Recovery and click on Next
• You will need to enter the new password two times to click on Next and review the security detail and move ahead with the Gmail

Recovery of Google hacked or compromised account

If you are not able to sign in to Google account like if you are trying to access your Google Account on the device or PC, you will find that someone has changed the password or recovery Phone Number, or removed your account then, you will be able to use Google Account Recovery Page. After that, follow the on-screen prompts and answers the simple questions.


Sometimes Gmail users have forgotten the email address or username of your account then, you will need to get it fixed from the Account Recovery Console. When you click on Forgot Email and enter the recovery email or phone number. After entering your name if you have provided all of the information properly then, you will get back to the forgotten email address or username.