Why Gmail is not opening on Mozilla Firefox?

Gmail makes it easy for the users to access their Gmail account on any of the browsers. Gmail users sometimes get stuck when they aren’t able to open their Gmail account on Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes there might be Gmail but often this error occurs because of the browser only. Whatever the causes are, the error should be definitely fixed.

Gmail might get you stuck when you won’t be able to access your account on Mozilla Firefox. There are a few resolutions mentioned below to fix Gmail isn’t opening on Mozilla Firefox issue immediately.

Why Gmail is not opening on Mozilla Firefox?

Remove Cache While Reloading Gmail in Firefox

When Gmail doesn’t support Firefox the very steps you have to get around the cache and reload Gmail in Firefox. Sometimes, cache data might get corrupted because of which the users aren’t able to experience this issue. Although users press the F5 key to do so, it won’t fix this issue. Follow the below-given methods to get rid of this issue-

• Press and hold the Shift key and click on the Reload option on the Firefox
• Press Ctrl + F5 Keys or Ctrl + Shift + R keys too hard reload the page
• Doing this will not allow Firefox by using the cached files when the web page reloads.

Clear Cache and Cookies from Mozilla

If the above method doesn’t work to fix the issue, clear the cache and cookies data in Mozilla. You can choose Firefox to auto-delete cookie and cache data on exit. Here, you have to save the pending work before conducting this action.

Restart Firefox using Safe Mode

There are some instances when the issue of not loading Gmail on Firefox occurs because of some add-ons. Safe Mode is an excellent feature of Firefox which turns the add-ons off on a temporary basis. By doing this, you will be able to know if extensions are causing the issue or not.

Turn off Extensions and Add-ons

If the above method doesn’t fix the issue, you have installed on Firefox are the main culprit. The next step you have to do is to check that extension and disable it again. Disable the extensions one by one-

• Click on the three horizontal lines that appear on the top right side of the Firefox and choose Add-ons and themes. Else, press Ctrl + Shift + A keys simultaneously
• Choose Extensions from the left-side and toggle the option to disable a certain extension

Switch to the Default Theme

The users might have installed a heavy theme that has affected the web page's loading time. If you have installed any Firefox theme then, disable it and check if it helps-

• Press Ctrl + Shift + A keys simultaneously on your keyboard
• Click on Themes appears on the left side
• Scroll down the right panel to navigate the default theme
• Click on Enable to activate it on your device

Refresh Mozilla Firefox

If none of the fixings work then, refresh Firefox and it might help you to fix the error because it will reset all of the add-ons and bookmarks as well

• Click on the three horizontal lines on the top-right side of the Firefox
• Go to ‘Help > More_Troubleshooting Information’
• After that, click on the Refresh Firefox option

If you have a Firefox account, the bookmarks and add-ons will be retrieved automatically just after sign in again.

All you have to do is to check the internet connection and also make sure that you have entered the correct credentials of your Gmail account and you are all set.