How to fix Gmail not working in Windows 11 mail app?

Gmail is the best and that is not in any way doubtful, there are other services also that are available, but the one that is the most secure and efficient option to take is Gmail. It is so due to many reasons and one out of those is the Google security that comes along with the Gmail service. Other than this Gmail is popular because it is very well compatible with all the different types of apps as well as all types of operating systems. But, there are some unavoidable technical glitches that the user may get stuck with Gmail not working on Windows 11 mail app can be one such problem.

But the Gmail users are seen dealing with this problem very often, so yes most of them are also well versed with the fix of it. Still, at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that there are still some Gmail users who are not from a proper technical background. So, for them dealing with this becomes a problem. Those users can take help from this guide as here as per the demand of the topic we are going to discuss a resolution for the same thing.

How to fix Gmail not working in Windows 11 mail app?

If there is this problem of Gmail not working on the Windows 11 mail app, then this can be some technical issue in the application. Here, we will see those possible technical errors in the app and we will also see the solutions for those issues and errors.

Running the troubleshooter –

This is the first thing that the user should try, in order to fix this issue so that the Gmail account starts working on the Windows mail app.

The user should follow the steps given below-

• You should press the Windows key along with S on the keyboard
• Next, you should press enter
• After this go to the other troubleshooter
• In the next step scroll down and click the run button
• The button is generally visible in the Windows store apps
• Now see if Gmail is working in the mail application

If it is still not working, then you should move ahead to another solution, which is you should be checking the sync settings.

For checking the sync settings please follow the steps given below-

• Press Windows key along with l
• In the settings from the left pane switch the accounts tab
• Next, go to “emails and accounts”
• In the next step expand your email account and then click on manage
• Then in the account settings window click the option “change mailbox sync settings”
• For downloading the new content you should choose the items to arrive

If the issue is still not resolved, then it can be due to some problem with the privacy settings, in order to check that you will need to follow a different set of steps.

For this, follow the steps given below –

• On the keyboard press the Windows key along with L
• Next, open the settings app
• After this go to the “Privacy and security tab”
• Right after this you should scroll down for the app permissions and should choose “mail”
• Next, you will need to toggle the switch given right next to the mail and calendar

If still, the issue remains, then there is one other solution also that is available for you to try, running the SFC and the DISM scan.

For this, please follow the steps given below-

• Please right-click on the start menu icon
• Right after this click on the command provided

If even after this you are stuck, then the one and only last solution for you is conducting a reset for the mail app.

For this, please follow the steps given below –

• Open the Settings app through Windows + L
• Next, go to “apps and features”
• Right after this, you should search for the “mail and calendar “ app
• Through the three-dot menu icon please choose the advanced options
• Right after this, you should go to the reset section
• There please click the repair button


So, this is all through which you can fix the issue of Gmail not working on the windows 11 mail app, if you still need to know anything more for that you should get in touch with the team of Gmail experts.