Can I get my Gmail password recovered on my iPhone?

Gmail service supports almost all devices and this is the specialty that makes it famous for different emailing purposes. Gmail users might get their password forgotten sometimes and due to this they cannot able to sign in to their account.

We are here with the exact steps to get the Gmail password recovered on iPhone using three methods. All of the three are easy to follow, so just follow the below-given steps and get your password back.

Recovery of Gmail Password from Settings on iPhone

There are most of the things that can be accessed in the Settings app. One can get the Gmail password recovered from iPhone using Settings. Follow the simple steps to do this happen-

Can I get my Gmail password recovered on my iPhone?

• Find the Settings app on the iPhone screen to run and then, drag down to find the ‘Accounts and Passwords’ tab and click on it
• Tap on the option of ‘App and Website Passwords’ and use the Touch ID or Face ID to verify

After that, you will see the saved passwords list and click on the ‘Search’ domain, find the Gmail password scroll through the list to get. When you find a Gmail entry, you should click on it to show the linked username and password to get the Gmail account

Gmail Password Recovery using Safari Saved Password

If you have forgotten Gmail password on iPhone, you can get it recovered from the Safari saved password and this browser has an autofill feature that can save passwords in the iCloud Keychain of Safari on iPhone

• Open the Settings app on the iPhone from the home screen and then, drag down to get the ‘Safari’ tab to click on it
• Tap on the option of ‘Password’ that will be appeared under the ‘General’ section
• Use the Touch ID to sign in, enter the four-digit code if you don’t use Touch ID, and drag down and click on the Gmail entry which you want the password
• You also can press and gold the password tab to copy it and click on the ‘Copy’ option and then, paste the Gmail password into the field which you want on the iPhone

This is a very fast and simple way to get your password recovered in a very few steps.

Password Recovery Steps of Gmail on iPhone web browser

If you have forgotten your password then, you can also resort a Safari to recover Gmail password from iPhone, and to make it detail, you can follow the below-given steps-

• First of all, locate to the website of Gmail to enter the sign-in page and enter the Gmail ID in the ‘Email on phone’ box and then, click on the ‘Next’ option to move ahead
• You can use the Mobile Number verification to get the Gmail password back and enter the phone number and tap on the option ‘Send text message’
• A verification code will be sent to the phone number and use to get the Gmail password back on iPhone
• If you fail to use the registered Mobile Number because of any issue, click on the button ‘Try a different question
• Enter the current Email address and then, Google will send a verification code to the Email and you can use the code which you received in the Email to get a Gmail password from iPhone

It is quite tough to use this method to get a Gmail password on iPhone and make sure to follow the steps as it is given in this guide under a good internet connection.