How can I configure Gmail pop3 settings?

Gmail pop settings are required to be enabled only to ensure that people are able to effectively and easily receive emails in their Gmail inbox. If there are pop settings always enabled then, using Gmail in an email client like Microsoft or Outlook also becomes an easy and smooth task.

Enable Gmail pop3 settings

As we can comprehend already through the above paragraph that the pop server settings or the pop3 settings have always only added more to the ease of the users therefore, getting these settings enabled has always only enhanced their experience for people. Here in the guide we will see how the user can get this server setting proper enabled.

How can I configure Gmail pop3 settings?

In order to enable the pop3 settings in Gmail, the user will need to follow a proper stepwise procedure, that proper stepwise procedure we will discuss here in the blog so that getting it all done would become easy for the user. The whole workings of the service would further be easy for the user to conduct.

The set of steps to be followed for enabling Gmail pop3 settings are as follows:

• The user will need to choose “settings” and then, they will need to choose the option “see all settings”
• After that, from the settings screen as the next step of the process, the users will choose the “forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab
• Then as the Pop download section appears, there, in the section, the user will click “enable pop or all mail” or they can also choose the option “Enable pop for mail that arrives from now on”
• The next step would be that the user will need to choose from the drop-down arrow and they have to choose what will happen if one would access Gmail messages from the email client
• After all of this will be done, at last the user will just have to click the option “save changes”

Email client configuration for Gmail pop settings

There is also a possibility that the user may need to get the email client configured for the Gmail pop settings. In order to get this done there is a different set of steps that the people will need to follow.

Set up Gmail on Outlook the users are suggested to follow the steps given below:

• In outlook, you will need to click on the file tab and then, you should choose “info”
• Next, it is advisable to choose “account settings”
• After this, in the account settings dialog box, all you have to do is to get into the email tab after that, choose “new”
• Next, in the add- account dialog box, you have to enter the name along with Gmail address and also password
• The rest of the details will be filled in by outlook
• If the issue still remains, then in that case, it is recommended to choose manual setup or the additional server types
• After this, in the next step, you have to choose “next”
• In the next step, all you have to do is to choose POP or IMAP and then click on “next”
• Next certain settings are to be entered that should be done, that would include POP server address POP username, POP Gmail password, the POP port needs to be entered as 995 and also SSL would be needed.
• After this, you have to choose “next” outlook will then, run a test and see if it would be possible to download Gmail messages.

Ending Words:

As we move towards the end of this guide, so to conclude all of it in the right manner, it can be said that if one would keep POP server settings enabled. Then the further use of the service will surely become smooth and also easy for the users. Also everything to be done for that is really just a matter of few easy steps, the user can follow those steps as they are given here in the guide.