Gmail rollout Smart features and personalization

Gmail is rolling out two new settings for disabling the data usage which will help the users. Google is now offering Smart features and personalization experiences. These advanced settings are really amazing and they will make you capable to turn off some smart features such as sorting primary emails automatically, promotions category, and social or the smart compose while composing an email.

Smart Features Personalization

The settings default value of the Gmail Smart Feature and Personalization for the users, all you have to do is to turn the features on or off by themselves

Gmail rollout Smart features and personalization

• Sign in to the Google Admin Console
• Then, sign in by using the administrator account, not the current account
• Now, go to the Account Settings from the Admin console Home page

All you have to do is to select one of the given options-

Never set default value for the users- Opting this setting will make the Gmail users capable to choose the enabling or disabling activity of Smart features and personalization for themselves. If it allows the user opt to the setting then, it will become more helpful as the sharing will be done with Smart Features and Personalization controls in Meet, Gmail Chat, and other Google services as well.

The setting of User Default Value- For choosing such a setting and checking the boxes will enable the Smart Features and personalization setting for the Gmail users and this will happen by default.

To enable the Smart features and personalization, check the box and after checking the box, it will start working automatically for the users without turning the features themselves. Users can further choose to disable the features.

Change Settings of Smart Features & Personalization

Changing the settings on the Gmail web will be applied to the Gmail mobile app. For Mobile phone users, all you will need is to open the Gmail app that is applicable for installing on both Android and iOS to configure the account settings. If you are using the Gmail app but didn’t see the notification of such settings then, install available updates of Gmail.

On Android

For Gmail, Meet, and Chat

• Firstly open Gmail on the Android phone or tablet
• Tap on the three-dash icon and go to Settings and the account which you have to adjust
• Now, scroll down to the section ‘General’
• For turning the Smart features on/off, ‘Smart and Personalization’ check or uncheck the box

For other Google Products

• Open Gmail on the Android phone or tablet
• Tap on the Menu (the three-dash) icon Settings
• Scroll down to the ‘General’ section and for turning data sharing on/off for other products, you have to check or uncheck the box as per your preferences

On Computer

For Chat, Gmail, and Meet

• Firstly go to on your PC
• Click on the Settings icon to see all settings
• In the ‘General’ tab, you have to scroll to the ‘Smart features and personalization’
• Check or uncheck the box to turn the smart features enable/disable

For other Google Products

• Visit the page on your device
• Sign in to your account and click on Settings to see all the settings
• Go to the ‘General’ tab, and then scroll down to the ‘Smart features and personalization’ that will be there in the Google products
• Check or uncheck the box to turn the data sharing enable/disable for another product

Wrap Up-

The smart feature of Google is there to enhance the experience of the Gmail users. By keeping online security concerns of users in mind, Google recognizes that many users love privacy over ease. This is the reason that Google has assured the users that they can use Gmail and other products of it are whether they choose the Smart features or not.