Gmail View Web Redesign: A different exciting look

Google has made changes in the email service and announced a new view for Gmail feature email. Google has introduced a new and integrated view for Gmail that makes it simple to move between major applications such as Gmail, Chat, and meet in one combined location. Let’s have a look at the exciting Gmail View Web Redesign look.

Gmail comes with new updates and adds a new column on the left-hand side that allows the users to switch to Google Meet and Chat as well. Google Chat is basically a search engine huge answer to messaging service Slack. And Google Meet is a video-conferencing tool that rivals Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Talking about the massive number of people who use Gmail, this simple access to Chat and Meet might lead to a massive uptick in those services’ user numbers and download in the number of people who use rival services.

Gmail View Web Redesign: A different exciting look

Google Introduces new experience as per the below-given timeline

Starting from 8th of February, 2022

• Users can choose to test the new experience and allow them to check it out and become more familiar and friendly to it. Users can also revert to the classic Gmail through the settings section.
• Let’s share the update on Google Workspace Updates, Blog, and Help Center content when rollout begins.

From April 2022

• Users who don’t have chosen will start seeing the new experience by default, but yes can revert to classic Gmail through the Setting section

With the End of the second quarter of 2022

• It will become the standard experience for Gmail and with no option to go back
• Around the same time, the users will need to start seeing the new streamlined navigation experience on the Chat web

Note: It also means that users won’t have the option for chat configuration just on the right side of the Gmail

Google has said that they will share more information on the exact time of these phases on the Workspace Updates. For more info let’s move ahead.

Impact on the users

End Users

The reason you love to use it

When you enable this then, the new navigation menu will be added. It allows the users to switch between the inbox, important conversations, and join meetings easily without switching between tabs or opening the new window to work flawlessly.

Notifications bubbles make it simple to stay on top of what you should immediately look for. While working in Spaces and Chat, you can see a full conversation list and spaces within the single screen. it will make it simple to find and engage.

While working in the inbox, you will be able to see the full vast of Label and Mail options that are available in Gmail. In the coming months, you will see email and chat results while using the search bar, and make it simple to find what you actually need by removing the search need with a certain product.

It will be for-

End Users- This feature will be turned off by default and it can be enabled by the users from the Gmail settings section

What about Admins?

There is no such admin control for this feature

As it is going to be started from February 8th, Google claims that you will be able to try the design for yourself. Anyone who doesn’t have selected this will be transferred to the new format starting in April. But yes they will still have the option to switch back from the Settings page.

• As per Google, this option will be disappeared by the end of the second quarter, when the new layout becomes the “Standard Gmail experience”.

While managing conversations and meetings in the recent layout of Gmail might be quite frightening, it all takes place on one screen. It is really nice if you have data density. Well, it is based on the things which Google has revealed so far and the new interface appears to provide simple access to several tools without any need to be there on the screen.

The notification bubbles will allow you to know if another tool requires your attention. This might be less disturbing than having a list of all of the chats basically located to the right or left of the emails.

Wrap Up-

This new experience makes it simple for you to stay on top of the important things. Also, the new changes will assure that it will make your work faster in a focused and single location. In addition, it will lessen the necessity to switch between several windows, applications, or even tabs.