What should I do to deal with Google sync error in Gmail?

Gmail has so many reasons, for which people are seen giving more preference to it; the email service is very easy to use. People can very easily log in to their Gmail account all they would need is their login ID and password for Gmail. It is not just related to the process of login other procedures related to it are also easy for anyone to conduct. The email service is also a very safe and secure option to take for fast as well as effective communication. But, there are some issues like Google sync error in Gmail which are unavoidable but with the right guidance, one can resolve it very easily.

Sync error in Gmail-

Well, to talk about the importance of sync in Gmail we can say that it is really very important for the proper running of the Gmail email service. Gmail is popular among people as it is very well compatible with all types of devices and operating systems. But, it is through the Gmail sync that users are able to use one Gmail account across different devices with so much ease. If a Google sync error occurs in Gmail, the users are then not able to see all their emails on all of their devices as they log in to Gmail on any other device except for the default one.

What should I do to deal with Google sync error in Gmail?

Reasons for Google sync error in Gmail-

Well, this is a very common issue that the users do get to face very often, as they use Gmail on various devices. This problem generally occurs due to some glitch that happens during the process of data transfer. Basically, the app refuses to work until and unless the data transfer-related glitch is resolved. It would look like the device is hanged and further, it will not work in the way it should. This can be because of some problems related to the network as well or it can be a result of time outs related to sending and receiving of the data if there are large files of data that are to be transferred.

Fixing Gmail not syncing error on android –

If you wish to fix the error, on your android device then for a solution to that you should take the following steps-

Manual Sync- In this case, you should open the Gmail application and then you should swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom

Automated Sync – If you wish to put it on automated sync, then for a solution to this you should follow the steps as given below-

• You should open the Gmail app
• Next, go to “menu”
• After this open settings
• Next, go to “account name” in the data usage section
• Choose the checkbox saying “Sync Gmail”

Check Wi-Fi connection of device- You should also see if your device is well connected to the Wi-Fi.

Check Password- If there will be a password error, and then in that case also you should get it changed as only then you will be able to fix the sync error on the service.

Application Update-In order to check this and update it accordingly, you will need to go to the play store. There if you see the update button given next to Gmail then in that case you can press that and wait for the update process to complete.

Clear stored files and data from Gmail app-This can also be the problem, so to fix this you should follow the steps given below –

• Please open the settings app
• After this go to “Apps and notifications“
• Next click on “Gmail app”
• Right after this, you should go to “storage and cache”
• In the next step, you should click the option “clear storage”
• Once this is all done you should then restart the device

Fixing Gmail not syncing error on IOS devices –

If you need to resolve the sync error on IOS devices, then for that there is a different process that you will need to follow.

The set of steps to follow goes as follows-

IMAP Enabled – If IMAP server settings are not enabled, then the user should go to the Gmail server settings and should enable the IMAP setting from there.

Push Settings- You should also check the configuration of the push settings, and should work on fixing that too if it is required.

The device should have an internet connection- The user should check if there is mobile data turned on. If not then the device should be in connection with the WI-FI only then sync will be working.


If other than this, you need to know anything more related to Google sync error in Gmail, then for that you should get in touch with the team of experts. The experts are available at the service of the users all the time there is no such error or issue that you may fail to resolve with the expert’s help.