Guide for adding AOL Email account to Outlook 365

AOL mail is one such service that is the easiest of all for the exchange of emails, the user interface design of the software is very easy to be understood also the features associated with the service are friendly for the understanding of the user.

The AOL mail service is also popular among the people for its easy compatibility with all the devices, operating systems, and also with various email clients. But setting up any of the Email services on any of the other email clients has never been an easy task as there have been so many technologies and features involved in the process and that makes things complicated for the people. So, here in the guide, we will see the process that the user should follow for adding an AOL mail account to Outlook 365.

Guide for adding AOL Email account to Outlook 365

In order to get this process of adding AOL mail to Outlook 365 done in the right manner the user should follow the given steps:

• From the top Outlook menu, the user should choose “file”
• Then from the left pane, the user should choose “info” after that should click “add account”
• There the user should enter AOL Email address further should click “connect”
• After that, the user should enter the AOL account password
• In the last step, the user should click “connect”
• Next, the user should click “done”
• The user will then get to see that the account has been added to Outlook and the user will then be able to get the messages downloaded.

So, this is how the user will be able to add an AOL mail account to Outlook if other than all the information that has been provided and has been discussed here the user feels the need to know anything more than in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of technicians at AOL Customer Care Contact Number UK. Other than this the experts can also be asked for the required help through the option of live chats and Emails.

Talking further about the AOL mail technicians we can say that they are all very well trained and are also certified by the leading technical institutes and also they hold enough experience in the field so that they are efficient in dealing with all kinds of technical issues related to the AOL mail service, therefore, we can say that there is no such issue or error related to the software that the expert may fail to resolve, also under the guidance and support of the experts the user can be sure of instant as well as most accurate resolution for all the AOL mail related issues and errors.