What are some hidden handy features linked with the Gmail app?

The best way to communicate, nowadays is Gmail or we can say the email services are the best choice, there is nothing as instant and also there is nothing as fast as email service, also it has always been very easy for the users to establish communication through email services also the user interface designs have always been easy for the users to understand and to use further, but the top service that is available among the email competitors is Gmail, there is no other service that is as safe and secure as Gmail is.

Compatibility of Gmail with all devices and operating system

Gmail has been there for all the users in various ways, they can use it on any device with any operating system; this has also been one reason why Gmail has been the favorite, of people. If one wishes to use Gmail on android, then for that also there is an app that has been designed by Gmail, that app has also been very easy for the people to understand and to use further there are innumerable features that are associated with the Gmail application that make it friendly for the users. Here, we will further see some hidden handy features linked with the Gmail application.

What are some hidden handy features linked with the Gmail app?

Hidden handy features linked with Gmail app:

Advanced email formatting command: In order to use this feature of the Gmail application the user should click on the format option the full slate with all the advanced text formatting commands will appear on the screen, through this feature the user will be able to get the good format for any part of the email service. The user can use bold, italic or even the user can use underlined text.

Customized Swipe gestures: In order to use this Gmail android app the user should open settings further the user should click on the three-line icon given in the upper left corner of the Gmail app.

Accidental Actions: The Gmail application has been modified for the fix of accidental actions as Gmail users are often seen struggling with that and also they are often seen paying heavily for those accidents.

Promotions Tab: The new updated Gmail application can easily get the promotion tab customized for the users as per their need or as per their use. This feature is also something that is not well known to the users.

Easy setup of out-of-office responder: This might have brought glow and joy on many faces, this is something that was not there in Gmail app settings for so many years but it has now been added recently. This feature is really easy to set up and also it is easy to use and helps the employees in innumerable ways.

Chosen notifications: here is also this feature if people are irritated with the sound of notification of their Gmail application, they can then get the Gmail app settings customized and then the users will be able to get sound only for important emails.

If there is still more information that you need related to the Gmail application, then in that case the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts, they can be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails lines are open for the users all the time. The user may also get stuck with the issues and errors related to the Gmail app but that can all be fixed very easily with the help of a team of trained and certified experts instantly as well as in the most accurate manner.