How can I open AOL mail in Mozilla Thunderbird?

AOL mail is well compatible with all types of browsers and therefore one can easily access it through any of them. The user can easily send and receive emails through AOL mail by opening it on any of the browsers. Google chrome is the most commonly used browser therefore mostly users are seen opening AOL mail on that only and also as Google Chrome is easy to use as far as its user interface is concerned therefore that doesn’t make the opening of AOL nail on it a tough task.

But as it comes to Mozilla Thunderbird so we all know it is not a very popular browser and is not taken into use by many as in comparison to Google Chrome. So while trying to open AOL mail on Mozilla Thunderbird it often becomes a problem for the users as they are not very much familiar with the browser. So, here the AOL experts will guide the experts on the process through which they can open AOL mail in Mozilla Thunderbird easily without much of a hassle.

How can I open AOL mail in Mozilla Thunderbird?

In order to open AOL mail in Mozilla Thunderbird the user should follow the given steps:

• On the Windows operating system, the user should choose “tools.”
• Then as the tools menu opens the user should click on “account settings” after that should click on “edit.”
• If the tools menu is not visible to the user then the user should press the Alt key on the keyboard.
• Further, the user should click on “account actions”
• After that should choose the option “add mail account”
• Then in the menu that comes up the user should enter the full AOL email address.
• In the next field, the user should enter the AOL email password.
• Further should click on “continue.”
• Also, IMAP settings should be chosen.
• After that, the user should click on done.
• Further should click on “ok.”

So these are the steps following them an AOL mail user can easily access AOL mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird, if other than this the mail user needs help in relation with any other technical issue then the user should get in touch with the AOL mail technicians at AOL support number UK lines are open for help and support 24*7.Also, the technicians can be contacted for help through live chats and emails as and when needed.