How can I save an AOL mail to my computer?

AOL mail service has always been very easy and hence has been good in its workings so far the process of an email exchange has been very easy for all the AOL mail users. The advanced AOL mail service has all the latest features and works with a well-designed user interface. This advancement has been very helpful for all the people using AOL and has made their mailing experience very much enjoyable for them.

But the same advancement gets a new feature added to the AOL user interface every now and then and understanding those features and using them accordingly may sometimes get difficult for the people as not all of them are from technical backgrounds and for understanding new technological things a person may need certain technical knowledge.

So, here to help out all the users we will be focusing our discussion on the process that has to be followed to save an AOL mail on computer. There are many reasons for which a person may need to create back up for a particular email or may need another copy of an email to be in easy access.

How can I save an AOL mail to my computer?

So, here are the steps that one should follow for the process of saving an email from AOL mail on the computer:

• The user should first of all sign in to AOL mail should then click the “mail button” from the mail section.
• The user should then from the inbox choose the mail that has to be copied on the computer.
• The user should then go to the “save” option and should further choose the option “My PC.”
• The user will then have to choose a PC location for saving the mail.
• In order to save an email from the AOL 9.0 version the user will have to follow a slightly different set of steps as they have been given below:
• The user should log in AOL mail account.
• Then for seeing the emails the user should click the “Read button.”
• The user should then open the message that has to be saved for that the user should double click on it.
• The user should further click on the “save” button that is usually visible at the bottom of the email message page.
• Then from the options that appear the user should choose “My PC”
• The user should then choose a location on the system for saving the email.

Further help if needed then that is available at AOL support UK the technicians are available 24*7 also they can be connected through live chats and emails.