How can I stay prevented from losing my AOL Mail Account?

No one wants to lose their account access and the same goes with AOL Mail users. AOL mail has become one of the best email services but if one cannot sign in to their account for a long time then, they might lose their account information. You can avoid losing the account details like emails, or email addresses linked with the AOL Mail account and for that, you should log in to your account at least every 90 days.

By signing into your account on a frequent basis, you can stay prevented from losing your AOL Mail Account. If you don’t sign in to your AOL Mail account for 90 days, your account will be completely deactivated. Incoming mail might not be sent to the mailbox, and incoming emails might be sent back to the sender. There is a chance to get your mailbox reactivated and for that, you have to sign in to your account before 180 days. You will start receiving new emails again and can use your account. But there is a catch that there will be no such email that was returned to the sender while the deactivation period.

How can I stay prevented from losing my AOL Mail Account?

If you don’t sign in to your AOL account for an additional 90 days then, your account will be removed/deactivated from the AOL server. You may be unable to get your email address back and in addition, your photos, emails, and email attachments are removed or deactivated.

Check the status of your AOL Email account

While login into your AOL Email account, you might see an email that states that your account is not active anymore. This would mean that the email account has not been obeying the terms and conditions given by AOL or the account must have been removed, this message will appear when the account will be disabled because of inactivity. You will need to login to your AOL Account between 90 to 180 days and this is the way through which you can get your AOL Mail account back and can start receiving emails. After that, the account will start working normally but those missing emails won’t be there which have sent during the inactivity period.

Last year, AOL started removing all accounts permanently which had not been in use for the previous 180 days. Therefore, if the user doesn’t have logged into AOL Mail for the last six months then, the account might be disabled.

Those who use AOL Mail OpenID then, also will end-up up by losing the account access because of inactivity. If you still haven’t logged into the AOL Mail account in the last 6 months then, your account will be completely deactivated. In addition, AOL will be also able to remove the entire account along with all data.

As per AOL, after long inactivity periods, the account will be deactivated permanently and all the saved data will be removed. Once it happens then, the users won’t be able to recover data, and then, there is a need to recover data and have to set up a new account of AOL if they want to move ahead using the AOL Email.

AOL is deactivated because of inactivity

At that time when you don’t log in to your AOL Mail account for 90 days, your email account will be completely deactivated. It means that you won’t receive any email to the account. In case, if someone has sent you an email, it will not come to you and get back to the sender. In case of not registering for 180 days, the account will be then canceled. All data, emails, and details linked with the email account will be destroyed permanently and you won’t be able to get them recovered.

Reactivation of AOL Mail Account

You can reactivate your deactivated AOL Mail Account and for that, you have to-

• Firstly, start a web browser on the PC and you need to enter in the URL bar and press the Enter key
• Then, you will need to sign into a different AOL Account and click on the Sign Out option that appears in the upper-right corner of the page
• After that, get back to and enter the username or email address for the AOL Account
• Click on the Next option and enter the password for the AOL Account
• Now, you have to click on Login and you now have successfully reactivated your AOL mail account

Prevention against AOL Mail account from deactivation

If you use AOL email but don’t sign in to your account frequently then, there will be a chance that you will lose your account. The AOL username and all emails will be stored on the server. If you don’t want to drop the important details and the AOL Account email address, you might need to sign into the AOL Email address once a month.