How to check my child's email from my Gmail account?

Here we will be discussing the feature that is offered by Gmail to its users that is of creating a Gmail account not just for the adults but also for the child of the family. The parents of the child do not need to worry regarding the safety and security of their little one as Gmail being a Google associated service has always been safe and secure for everyone.

In order to ensure the safety and security of the children using the Gmail account, this service has come up with certain special features as the parental controls so that the activities done by the child on its given Gmail account would always remain under the eyes of his guardian or parents. So, that they can guide the child towards the right usage of the ID as one cannot expect a child to think and use it in the right manner without any guidance from an elder person.

So, the features of a child’s email include the rights for the parent of the child to get any of the contacts blocked from the list that he or she does not want the child to come in contact with. Also, the parent is provided with the right to create filters accordingly on the child’s Gmail account.

There is one more feature that is associated with the Gmail account of a child and that is, one can connect the child’s Gmail account to his own Gmail account and can thus check the child’s Gmail account anytime through his own Gmail account.

Here we will focus on the application and using the procedure of the same feature under the guidance of the experts from Gmail support UK.

How to check my child's email from my Gmail account?

In order to check the Gmail account of the child through one’s own account the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should first of all login its own Gmail account.
• Then should enter into the settings menu of the account.
• There should click on the option “accounts and import” tab.
• After that, the user should click on the “add account.”
• The user should then enter the password and the email address that is to be imported.

By following the given process stepwise the user will be able to access the Gmail account of the child through its own account. The experts are available at Gmail helpline number UK for any further information if needed.