How to fix if not able to merge Gmail Accounts?

Merging Google accounts is the best manual process and you have to adapt data out of and into every certain Google product which you use- Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and various more. Well, this process is very easy, and you will need to follow a few step-by-step instructions along with a few helpful automated workflows to accomplish the feat in less time and with fewer headaches than you might think. In case, if you are facing Gmail Not Merged issue then, there is a chance that you are following a wring steps for the same. Follow the correct steps to merge Gmail Account in a few steps.

How to fix if not able to merge Gmail Accounts?

Merge Gmail Accounts:

Follow these general steps to access your Gmail accounts from a single account:

First of all, import emails from your other accounts to your main Gmail account and in the primary account settings, and go to the Accounts and Imports page. In the Import mail and contacts section, select Import Mail and contacts. Log in to the other account from which you want to import email and also follow the on-screen prompts to import all the messages.

Add every secondary address as a sending address to the main Gmail account. This way, you easily can send emails from the accounts which you added in Step 1, but do so from your main account so that you have to log in to those other accounts.

Now, set your main account to reply to the emails by using the address to which the email was sent. For instance, if an email is addressed to your second account address, and you want to reply from that account. Now, go to the Accounts and Imports page, and then in the Send mail as section, select Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

After all your email has been imported, set up forwarding from the secondary accounts so that the emails always go to your primary account.

Now that the existing emails from your accounts are in your first account and each is set up to forward new messages to your main account indefinitely, you can remove the send mail as accounts easily from the Accounts and Imports page

You can keep emails there if you want to send mail under those accounts in the future, but it is no longer required for the mail merge since all the existing emails are stored in the primary account.

Connect Old Gmail Account with Two-Factor Authentication

• First of all, open an incognito window or you also can open another browser such as Microsoft Edge or Safari therefore you don’t impact your current session. Now, locate your Google My Account page and sign in with your old Gmail account
• Click on the Signing into Google link appears under the Sign-in and security section
• If you already have enabled 2-step verification on your account then, skip ahead to the steps below to create a unique App Password for your old Gmail account. Otherwise, to set up two-step verification, click on the 2-Step Verification section that appears under Password and Sign-in method.
• Now, click on the Get Started button and check the password for your Google account
• Add your phone number and choose if you want to receive the verification code through SMS or Phone call
• When Google sends you’re a verification code, enter the code and then, click on Next
• Now, click on the Turn on the link to enable two-step verification for that account
• Now that you have enabled two-step verification enabled, you will need to create an app password to use instead of your general login credentials

Create an App Password

• First of all, return to the Google My Account Page
• Now, click on the Signing into Google link under Sign-in and Security as before
• Click on App Passwords in the Password and Sign-in method section
• Select Mail in the chosen app drop-down, and choose Other (Custom name) in the Select device dropdown. As you are connecting your new Gmail account, so name the password New Gmail then, click on the Generate button
• Copy the password and return to your new Gmail account’s Add a mail account window. And, paste the app password into the password field in the place of your Google account password.
• Click on Add Account and this time everything should work

Follow the above-given steps to merge Gmail accounts flawlessly and call on Gmail Support Service Number UK to get connected with the experts for any help. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.