How to fix the AOL Mail Login Failure Issue?

AOL Mail is designed by keeping today’s email requirement in mind and hence it has become famous across the world. This email service is known for having excellent features that will enhance your experience of sending emails along with attachments. Sometimes you might get stuck when you have to send an important email and you get an error message on your screen “Invalid User”, “Incorrect Username or Password”, “Access Denied”, or “Error from Server’s end”. These are a few error messages which you might face with login failure issue.

Well, AOL is not always behind this login issue, sometimes it is from the user’s end which means there might be a possibility that you have entered any incorrect details of your AOL Account. Don’t worry, we are here to help you for the same with a few resolution steps that will definitely help you in case if you are facing AOL Mail login Problems with your AOL Account.

Resolution for “Invalid User” Error

In case if you are facing this error message “Invalid User” with your AOL Mail account then, you should check your AOL account activity. As the error looks, there is some issue with your account as this account ID has become old and you are trying to sign in to your account after a long time. AOL will block the account access for the user in case if you don’t have logged into your account for ages or if there is something suspicious in your account. It means that your account has been deactivated from AOL’s end but the good news is that you can reactivate it again.

How to fix the AOL Mail Login Failure Issue?

Resolution for “Incorrect Username or Password”

Well, this is a very common error that AOL users usually experience. When this error message prompts on your screen then, you will need to check your username and password. It means if you have entered the wrong username or password for signing in to your AOL Mail then AOL won’t be able to recognize your account and hence you get stuck while signing in. Check the entered username because a single mistake in User ID will deny the account access and the same goes with Password as a minor mistake in your entered password will get you stuck. In case if you have forgotten your user ID or password of your account then, you can recover it easily.

Resolution for “Access Denied”

Well, this is a very serious error message because this message usually comes because of two possible and common reasons. Both of them are mentioned below with their resolution.

Internet Connection

In case, if you have no internet connection then, you might face this error code while signing in. For this, check your network connection by connecting your device from the Mobile network. If you can get access to your AOL account then, there is an issue with your Wi-Fi network and in this scenario, call the operator.

Issue from Browser’s end

If you are failed to sign in to your AOL account then, you should try to switch the browser. In case, if you are able to use your AOL Mail on another browser then, the issue is from the current browser. In such case, clear the browser cache and cookies and install the available updates of the browser and then, try to login again.

“Error from Server’s end” /”Server Error”

As the error name suggests, this issue is from the AOL server’s end. In such a case, you will need to wait for a while or just restart your device and try to login again. If still, this error message prompts while signing in then, there is no other option left. You only have to wait for a while and try to login again after a few minutes.

These are a few possible reasons and issue for AOL Mail Login failure and in case if you are facing a different one or any error code while signing in then, this is the time to call AOL Contact Service Number UK and get connected with the experts for any possible resolution. The experts have solutions for login errors or any other related to AOL Mail.