How to recover Gmail Account in easy steps?

Gmail is known for its excellent storage space and fast email service. It has an excellent interface that makes it easy to customize settings. Gmail is highly concerned with its user safety therefore when it detects any suspicious activity then it blocks your account so that your personal details don’t get vulnerable. In addition to this, sometimes the user itself deletes their Gmail account due to some security purposes. But now, if you need to get it back then just follow a few steps that are given in this guide. Before that, make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection so that you can recover Gmail Account in easy steps via your desktop.

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Follow the given steps:

• It is advisable to conduct the recovery step very fast. Because after deleting a Gmail account, you have only a maximum of two days to recover the account. It is different than the recovery period for the Google accounts that is between two and three weeks.
• Now, open the Google recovery page and for that visit Gmail official page in the browser and doing this will come with a page along with a text domain
• Enter the email address (type the email address for the Gmail account which is deleted)
• Click on Next and that is a blue option appears below the text field
• If you see a message which says ‘your email doesn’t exist or has been removed’, you cannot get your Gmail account recovered
• Enter your password in the required text field that appears in the middle of the page and enter your email address
• Click on Next that displays just below the text field
• Now, click on Continue when asked and doing this will redirect the account creation page from where you can restore the old email address
• Review your account information and here you should see the old email address of yours along with your recovery email address and phone number. If everything looks like updated then you can proceed
• Click on Submit that is a blue button appears below the account information section
• Now, enter a phone number in the text field that displays in the middle of the page and, enter a phone number on which you can get a text message
• If you don’t have a phone for text message then you can mark the ‘Call’ box on this page continuing and it will allow the Google to call on the given number rather than texting to it
• Click on the Continue button that is near the bottom page. Google will call with a verification code. Take the call then note down the code as it is recited to you
• Now, enter the verification code on your device by just typing the code into the text field that appears in the middle of the page
• Click on Continue that appears just below the verification code domain. As long as the code is right, it will recover your email account and bring you back to the Google account page
• Now, open your Gmail account by visiting the in your browser and doing this will open the inbox for the deleted account

By following these few steps, you can get your deleted Gmail account back. It is advisable to do it under two or three business days otherwise the account will delete forever from the Google service. Call on Gmail Helpline UK if you want to know more or if you are experiencing any issue while conducting these steps. The teams are available there to help you in resolving the errors and issues.