How to resolve AOL Bad Request Swiftly Server Error Code 400?

AOL mail sometimes gets you stuck with technical glitches due to which you cannot be able to sign in to your AOL Mail account. When you see the ‘Bad Request Swiftly Server’ message on your screen then, it means that you will not be able to use your AOL Mail. This error message might come with an error code 400 although both are the same it is advisable to fix this error code immediately to resume all your stuck email work.

The AOL Bad Request Swiftly Server Error Code 400 happens usually when users try to open a new webpage or website. This request is completely relatable to the server but because of request excess, the server dismisses this request. You can fix this error code but before that, you should know the causes of this error code so that you can avoid this issue in the future.

• AOL Messenger is installed properly
• Corrupt or damaged Windows registry file might be the reason
• Because of malicious malware and viruses
• When you are entering the improper URL address

How to resolve AOL Bad Request Swiftly Server Error Code 400?

You can fix AOL Bad Request Swiftly Server Error Code 400

You can fix this error code just by following a few steps given below and make sure that you are using a strong and good network connection.

Check URL errors – The most common reason for 400 Bad Request Error occurs as the URL was types incorrect or the link which was clicked on the points to a defective URL with a particular kind of mistake in it.

Clear Cookies Browser – Specifically if you are getting a Bad Request error with a Google Service. Many sites report a 400 error code when a cookie is reading is corrupt or too old.

Clear DNS Cache – This is also a good fixing to resolve the error code that you should clear DNS cache and if it is being caused by old DNS records that your PC is saving. Do this in Windows by conducting this command from a Command Prompt window.

Clear Browser’s Cache – A cached but damaged web page copy which you are trying to access might be the root of the issue that is appearing like 400 bad request error, but it is easy and quick and worth trying.

While this isn’t a common fix, try to fix the problem as 504 Gateway Timeout problems instead, even though the issue is being reported as a 400 Bad Request.

In almost rare conditions, two servers might take too long to integrate but will wrongly, or at least unhelpfully, report the issue to you as a 400 Bad Request. If you are uploading files to the website once see the error then, there is a big chance that is the 400 Bad Request errors are because the file is too large and therefore the server rejects it.

If the site allows it, then compress the file to a ZIP file and then, upload that instead.

If the 400 error is occurring on nearly every website when you visit, the issue most likely lies with your PC or network connection. Run the internet speed test and check it with the ISP to make sure everything is properly configured.

You will need to contact the website directly that hosts the page and it is quite possible that the 400 Bad Request Error isn’t going wrong at your end but instead of something which you have to resolve, allowing them to know about it would be very helpful.

Most sites have social network contacts and sometimes even phone numbers and email addresses. If nothing above has worked then, the problem will be definitely at your computer’s or device’s end. Fix that issue or to make sure this issue, call Contact AOL Customer Service Support UK to get in touch with the experts for any help regarding your AOL Mail.