How to resolve issues occurring in the call safe feature of TalkTalk?

TalkTalk email is a popular email service that is running in the cyber market, just like other email services TalkTalk is also used by the people around the globe for the easy exchange of emails and also for the proper maintenance of communication among themselves through the chat options and other features associated with the email.

As we said other than the exchange of emails there are also other services that are provided by TalkTalk to the users in order to make it more efficient at serving the users with the best communication services. Out of several other features that TalkTalk mail provides to the users there is one that is called the “call safe” feature.

This particular feature, if activated on the device the user will then be able to see the ID of the caller on its screen and will be therefore able to decide if the call is to be taken or not. The call safe feature eventually gets a list of approved phone numbers based on the observation of the calls that are usually attended by the user. The feature is of help to the user in many ways but often it gets them stuck with some problems for instant resolution of those the user should connect with the experts at TalkTalk support number UK.

How to resolve issues occurring in the call safe feature of TalkTalk?

However here we will focus on the resolving procedures of the issues that occur frequently on TalkTalk call safe-

Call safe not working – If the feature is not working on the device then the user should check if it is turned on for that the user should dial 1472 and should then press 1. Also, the user needs to ensure that the inbuilt screening service of the device is off.

Known Caller cannot connect – If the call safe feature is troubling a caller who is known to the user then, in that case, the user should check the list of blocked contacts and if the name of that known caller has by mistake gone in the list then the user should get the list edited.

Calls not reaching the voice mail – After a limit of 10 messages, the user will not be able to receive more messages in the voice mailbox, in order to check the capacity left in voice mailbox it is advisable that the user dials 1571 and if message deletion is needed then the user should press 3.

If the user is still struggling with some problem on the call safe feature of TalkTalk then to get the needed guidance and support it is advisable that the user gets connected with the experts at TalkTalk help number UK.