How to resolve the issue of AOL mail unable to connect to server?

Emailing has these days become a very popular mode of communication among the people it is through the email service that the people exchange messages among themselves and get them delivered and also received instantly then and there yes all of this appears very simple and also we can say that it is the reality that the things are really very simple as it comes to the use of an email service but the other aspect of the same reality is that there are various advanced technologies and features that are associated with the workings of an email service.

Dealing with all these technologies and features often becomes a problem for the users and thus they are often seen stuck with the understanding of the workings of the email service and also this happens sometimes due to the involvement of so many technologies and features that the user ends up landing into certain technical troubles and then getting out of them becomes complicated and tricky for most of the people as they do not know the advanced technologies that well.

Here, in the blog, we will focus on the resolution of the AOL mail error given in the topic that is AOL mail unable to connect to server. The people using the AOL mail service are often seen struggling with this given error but if the user will follow certain easy steps that we will be discussing here the AOL mail service will then be out of the problem and will be back to its normal working in no time.

How to resolve the issue of AOL mail unable to connect to server?

The list of steps that one should follow for the resolution of the given AOL mail issue goes as follows:

• The user should log in to AOL mail.
• The user should further open the manual setup.
• There should click IMAP.
• Further, the user should click the “security type.”
• After that, the user should choose “SSL/TLS.

As this particular problem occurs on the AOL mail then the common message that the user gets to see on the display is “couldn’t connect to server” in order to get rid of this particular error the user will have to set the security type carefully by conducting the steps that have been discussed here the user will be able to get the setting done easily and smoothly and this way the AOL mail problem given in the topic will be resolved there is nothing much that the user can do for the resolution of errors and issues related to the server, in case of server related issues the user in most cases can only wait for the resolution of the problem for knowing anything more if that is needed the user should get in touch with the trained and certified AOL mail technicians at AOL customer service number UK lines are open for the users all the time other than this also the user may get to deal with many other issues that the user will only be able to resolve through expert’s assistance.