How to setup TalkTalk mail for Mac?

TalkTalk mail is undoubtedly very easy to be used and all the features associated with it are very much advanced and are all well updated. All thanks to the advanced and well-updated features that are there associated with the TalkTalk mail that further makes the service well compatible with all the devices such as the devices that work on the basis of the Windows operating system and also on the basis of the IOS.

Undoubtedly the mail service is well compatible with all types of devices but as it comes to using it on Mac, there, one needs to get it connected with the Apple mail and the procedure there gets complicated for getting it done smoothly one needs to have proper technical knowledge regarding the workings of Mac, Apple mail as well as TalkTalk mail. But not all the users are that much sound with the techniques and therefore, they would need guidance to setup TalkTalk mail on Mac.

How to setup TalkTalk mail for Mac?

For setting up TalkTalk mail on Mac, the user should follow the stepwise procedure that is listed here:

• In the Apple dock, the user will have to click the “Mail” icon.
• In the name field, the user should enter a name keeping in mind that it would be visible to the mail receiver.
• Then in the Email address field, the user should enter the TalkTalk email.
• Then the user should enter the password in the field that is for the password.
• After that, the user should click “continue.”
• The user should then choose POP on the incoming mail server screen.
• In the description field, the user should enter TalkTalk.
• In the incoming mail server box, the user should enter
• Then in the username and password fields, the user should enter the TalkTalk mail address and the password.
• After that should click “continue”
• Then on the outgoing mail server screen, the user should write
• The box of authentication should be unchecked and the user should click “continue.”
• Then if the incoming mail security page appears then the user should see to it that the SSL box is unticked.
• From the authentication drop-down list, the user should click “continue.”
• In order to save the TalkTalk email account details the user should click “create.”

The Apple mail will then be able to send any mails through the user’s TalkTalk mail ID, to anyone also; will be able to receive emails on the TalkTalk mail ID. We can also say that one would be able to use TalkTalk mail on Mac. If still needed, then for any sort of further guidance the user can connect with the experts at TalkTalk support UK.