How to take back-up of AOL Emails to the External Hard Drive?

If you want to keep your precious AOL email files secured from data theft and breach, you should know the steps to backup AOL emails to an external hard drive? You can easily create copies of your email data and can secure it from corruption.

Saving the emails into the system can be beneficial in several ways. It also depends on why you want to backup AOL emails to external hard drives. You can take back-up of AOL Emails to the External hard drive and some significant causes for backing up the AOL emails are mentioned below-

How to take back-up of AOL Emails to the External Hard Drive?

When you care about data security then, the local drive of the system is comparatively safer than a cloud location. It has less risk of data theft and data breach. No one can access the file of your system without your permission. Therefore, saving the email into the drive of the system is the best way to keep your data secure. If the files get damaged on the internet, then you won’t access them therefore, save them in the hard drive to stay prevented against data loss.

You can retrace the damaged files to their original state from the backup. In case of a bad network connection, AOL email backup helps a lot. If you have saved AOL emails in the system’s local drive, you might access them without the network. You can edit and update them when the network connection retrieves.

A Quick Guide on AOL File Format

AOL is an email client which is an email client which is available for both desktop and webmail-based applications. It comes with the unlimited storage capacity of 25 MB for the file attachment. It stores email data in the PFC file format that is the shortening of the Personal Cabinet File. It has become common to have a various email account for several purposes (personal/professional).

Being a business owner, you might find yourself using multiple AOL email account. It is a smart choice to copy AOL Email to the hard drive or the desktop PC. But one should know the ways to export AOL Email folders to the hard disk or PC. Copy of AOL email messages serves as a backup and sometimes the online messages get expire except that it might become damaged, unintentionally precious messages get removed.

From all these issues AOL Backup can save precious email data and files. Apart from this, you can access email while the system is not connected to the network. The upcoming section has the ways to migrate AOL Mail folders to the hard disk or the PC.

Export AOL Email Folders – Manual Method

There are three methods to download AOL Mail to PC to HDD. For the first two methods, you can do it from the official AOL Website-

Method 1- Transfer AOL Mail through a feature called Print Messages

• First of all, login to the AOL Account with the Correct credential
• To migrate AOL Mail, you have to open that message and click on More
• Drop down the menu and click on Print Message
• Another tab will open in the same Windows, now click on Changes and choose Save as PDF and click on Save option to save AOL email to PC
• Choose the desired location to download AOL mail to PC and click on Save. Go to the destination location to access AOL Mail

Exporting AOL Email folders to a hard drive, the user will need to conduct individually for every email. This method will migrate AOL emails into the PDF file format

Method 2 – Save AOL Email to Hard Drive using View Message Source

• First of all, sign in to AOL Account with the Username and Password
• To download AOL Mail to PC or to Hard Disk, you have to open that message and click on More
• Drop down the menu and then, click on View Message Source, and a new Windows will open
• Press Ctrl + S and choose the desired location to save the email and go to the location and change the file extension from txt to EML to open the file

This method doesn’t save the file by the email subject email. This might create an issue while accessing the emails and it converts the email into the EML file format and it won’t support the batch conversation.

Method 3 – Ways to Migrate AOL Mail Through AOL Desktop Software

Specifically for this method, you have to download AOL Desktop software and install it in your system:-

• Login to AOL and then, click on the message which you want to copy AOL email to hard drive
• Go to the Save Menu and choose On My PC
• After that, choose the folder in the Personal Filing Cabinet where you want to save the email copy and click on Ok

Export AOL Email Folders through Automated Fixing

To save AOL email to a hard drive or PC, you can choose another automated solution AOL Backup tool. These mentioned above steps are manual methods and they are quite time-consuming and you can migrate your one email message at once in the EML or PDF File Format. These manual techniques aren’t available for the AOL Mail folder migration.

If you want to know the exact way to export AOL email folders then, you have to move ahead with the AOL Backup Tool. The software is quite capable to export and to backup AOL Email folders to the hard drive. Within a few clicks, you can complete the migration process easily.

Export AOL Email Folders to PC

Let’s move ahead with the easy to conduct AOL Emails to PC procedure and for that, let’s have a look:-

• First of all, download and run the AOL Backup tool and then, add the credentials to log in to it
• Now, choose the email format to download AOL Mail to PC and choose Apply Filters option to export the chosen AOL Emails
• After that, click on the Start option to start the exporting procedure and you are all set

These are the exact method to export AOL Email messages to the hard drive so that you can backup the email to stay prevented from data loss.