What can I do to install and setup Gmail in Windows 11?

People, who are into using systems for them, have got the best results always through Windows 10 operating system. There has been nothing as good as Windows 10 for operating system needs. There is nothing as advanced as this, there are so many features that are there associated with the workings of Windows 10. But obviously, now people are looking for more advanced and better features as the world of technologies is advancing with each passing day.

In order to meet that demand here is Microsoft with its new addition that is Windows 11, now it is recommended to all the system users to please get their computers updated to work on Windows 11. But that would not be enough there has to be more than that people will also need to update the settings of their Email service accounts. Here we will see how the user can work on it for Gmail in Windows 11.

What can I do to install and setup Gmail in Windows 11?

Set up and install Gmail in Windows 11 using the mail app-

If you need to set up and install the service on this operating system through the mail app, then for that you should follow the steps given below-

• Please open the start menu
• Then, in the search menu enter the mail
• After this, open the “mail app”
• Next, please choose the option “Add account”
• After this, please click on “Google” and also you should wait for sometime
• On the screen, you will then see the Gmail Window
• Next, in the given box you should enter your email address
• After this, click on “next”
• There enter your Gmail password and next click on “sign-in”
• Please next you should click on “Allow”

This is how you can set up your Gmail account in Windows 11 very easily

Adding Gmail desktop app on Windows 11-

If this is the case, then for this you will have to follow a different set of steps, the steps would go as follows-

• Open the web browser
• After this, please open Gmail and also sign in to your account
• Next, in the upper right corner please go to the “gear icon”
• Just right after this please click on the “gear icon”
• Next, click on “see all settings”
• After this, click on the “offline tab”
• You should put a tick mark in the box to “enable offline mail”
• Next, please choose the option “keep offline data on my computer”
• On the main webpage please click on “Gmail”
• Next, in the upper right corner click on “ellipsis”
• After this, from the menu please choose the option “More tools”
• Just right after this, click on “create shortcut”
• The next thing to do is to choose “open in new Window”
• Once done, you will then need to click on “create”
• This is how you can create a shortcut for the email service app

But we cannot just end the setup and installation of Gmail on Windows 11 with this, there is more that is associated with it. You will also need to enable IMAP in the Gmail email service for the proper setup procedure. In order to ensure smooth and easy exchange of emails enabling IMAP settings is really important.

In order to enable IMAP, please follow the steps given below-

• You should open your web browser
• Next, you should open Gmail
• After this, sign in to your account
• Next, please see in the “settings”
• In the next step choose “forwarding and POP/IMAP”
• After this choose enable IMAP
• In the next step please save changes

After this, go to the mail app and there see if the issue is resolved

Setting up the account as a default email client on Windows 11-

Yes, the user can do this as well, for this; you will have to follow the steps as given below-

• On your computer please open chrome
• Next, from the top right corner please choose “menu”
• After this, please choose “settings”
• Next, please search “Privacy and security”
• After this, please move to the option “site settings”
• Next, under permissions click the option “additional permissions “this will expand the menu
• Right after this, you should go to the “protocol handlers”
• Just after this, choose the option “sites can ask to handle protocols

So, this is all the information related to the setup and installation of Gmail on Windows 11, that you should know in order to get this done in the right manner.

Conclusion –

If you still need to know more, then, in that case, you should get in touch with a team of trained and certified experts. They are available at the service of the users all the time there is no such issue related to the service that the team of technicians may fail to resolve. Lines are open for the users all the time. With the help support and guidance of the experts, the users can be sure of getting the most instant and also the most effective solution for any related problem.