Is it possible to share access to a Gmail account?

Gmail email service is the most popular email service out of all the email services that are available in the cyber world for the use of the people using the internet and the computers. To get more into details of it we can say that it is a free service that allows the users to communicate among themselves the only requirement is an internet connection and a Gmail account.

Yes, the use of a Gmail account is as easy as it seems through the above paragraph but as it is all a hub of various advanced technologies and features therefore it sometimes becomes a problem for the people from a non technical background to understand all the features and the technologies easily. So, all such users are often seen confused with the workings of the features and also with the setup of Gmail.

So, to clear off one such confusion of the users that is related to the sharing access to one Gmail account the experts are here will all the information that should be known to the users in relation to this.

Yes, a Gmail user can share his account with another person by conducting the process of assigning a delegate for the account.

Is it possible to share access to a Gmail account?

In order to assign a delegate to the Gmail account the user should follow the below-given steps:

• The user should open the user interface of the Gmail account.
• Further, should open the settings menu given at the upper right corner of the screen.
• Then from the menu that appears the user should click the option “settings.”
• After that, the user should click the option “Accounts and Import” tab.
• Then as the “grant access to your account” section opens there the user should click the option “add another account.”
• Then the user needs to enter the Gmail address of the person who is to be added as a delegate.
• After that, the user should choose the option “send email to grant access.”
• As the recipient of the mail will accept the request the process will then be completed.

The other user will then be able to act as a delegate for the Gmail account and this way one Gmail account will be accessible to two individuals. If still any more help is needed in relation to Gmail then the user should connect with the experts at Gmail support number UK.

Note: This process of using one Gmail account between two people should only be done between those two people who are trusted by each other.