Is there any way to change Google accounts on Android?

If you are using an Android tablet or phone, you should know that your Google account is fully integrated with the experience. The default account will actually decide that you are successfully logged into many applications specifically Google apps. You can change this and also you can easily add multiple Google account to your Android device. The default account is either the account which you signed into when setup this device firstly. Therefore, you can change it and for that, you will need to sign out of accounts.

Changing your default Google Account

On the Web

If you are using Android and have already logged into your Google account on the web then, you can change Google Accounts on Android and for that, follow a few steps given below.

• First of all, open the Google app in your browser of choice
• Now, click on the avatar that appears in the top-right corner of the screen
• You should see a drop-down that shows all of the accounts of Google which you have used to login to the browser. Choose the one which you want to change

A new browser tab will open with the secondary account application. If you want to switch which of your Google accounts is the main default account so that when you open a Google app in a new tab and it will be the account that opens by default and you will need to,

Is there any way to change Google accounts on Android?

• First of all, open the Google application in your trusted choice
• Click on your avatar appears in the top-right corner of the screen
• You can see a dropdown that shows all of the Google accounts which you are using to log in to this trusted browser. At the bottom of the list, click on Sign out of all accounts
• Sign in back with the account which you want to be your primary account
• After doing this, if you open any Google app, then it will default to the new primary account. You still can easily switch between accounts

On Android

• First of all, open the Settings app and then, tap on Google/Google Settings
• Tap on the drop-down arrow that appears next to the current default Google account
• Now, tap on a different account

There is not much reason to modify the default accounts on your phone as you can add multiple Google accounts to any Google app. Be careful which account you are using for sending emails or for setting appointments.

How to add more than one Google IDs to Android?

Most people will add their primary Google Account to an Android tablet or phone while the setup procedure, but you don’t have to do so actually. If you are not interested in downloading any Google’s service or third-party apps in the Play Store then, there is no need of signing into a Google account for an Android device.

Apart from whether or not, you don’t have already added a Google ID, the procedure is the same for adding further accounts,

• First of all, open the Android’s settings menu and scroll down to the Accounts
• Then, click on ‘+ Account’ and then, from the list choose Google
• After that, enter your Gmail address and phone number and then, click on Next
• Enter your password and then, click on Next and read the Terms of Services and then, click on the option “I Agree”

Follow the above-given steps to change Google accounts on Android and you can call on Gmail Help Phone Service Number UK to get connected with the experts for any help. The experts are highly experienced and will help you out with possible resolutions. They have knowledge of Gmail configuration and setup and hence you will get instant assistance.