Is there any way to clear Gmail inbox on Android devices?

Gmail has become one of the famous and most successful email services across the world as it has various exciting features. This email service is designed by keeping advanced email requirements in mind so people prefer to use it over other email services. Have you ever think to clean your Gmail inbox? If not, then do it now because you should keep your Gmail inbox neat and clean for a professional and attractive interface. Not only this, you can immediately find your important email if your inbox is clean and arranged.

You can archive emails in case that is important but you don’t need that right now. It will also help you to keep your Gmail inbox on Android clean and arranged.

First of all, open the email folder on your Gmail which you want to remove (outbox, sent, inbox, spam, and archive). Now, tap on the icon that appears on the left of an email that you want to delete in your Gmail. Or press and hold the emails to choose it and choose the icon that appears next to any other emails which you want to remove from Gmail. Tap on the Delete icon and those emails which you have chosen are deleted.

Follow these steps for bulk Gmail inbox cleaning and to avoid deleting bulk emails, you should delete single emails when you find that it is not important.

Is there any way to clear Gmail inbox on Android devices?

What are the steps to delete a single Email on Gmail?

If you are looking to delete a single email on Gmail then, you should use swipe to remove in Gmail to make it a breeze for deleting emails after the other to remove various emails immediately. You don’t have to open an email to click the Delete icon.

• First of all, tap on the three-lined menu that appears at the top-left of Gmail and
• After that, choose Settings and go to General settings and then, swipe actions
• Now, tap on change for the Right-swipe or Left swipe and after that, select Delete
• Tap on the Back arrow to go back to your email and after that swipe the correct direction so that you can easily delete your chosen email.

As we discussed before that, you also can archive emails instead of deleting them in case any of them is important. Let’s move ahead with the steps to archive emails in Gmail.

Archive emails on Gmail

To archive an email in Gmail and you can simply need to choose an email or multiple emails and after that, click on the Archive option. Once you choose emails on the Gmail official website, the “Archive” option appears in the menu that appears just above the email lists.

In the iPad, iPhone, or Android Gmail app, you will need to tap on the Archive option that appears in the top menu, and then, you will see the Archive button that looks just like the button on the Gmail website. Archived emails will disappear from your Gmail inbox that includes any of the categories which you might have. You will be still able to see them under any particular folder which you have created by using Gmail labels.

These are a few steps through which you can delete or archive Emails on Gmail and in case if you are still facing any issue even after the given steps then, call on Gmail Customer Care Number UK to get connected with the experts for any help regarding the same.