What should I do to log in to Gmail for windows 11?

If you are looking for that method through which you can easily open the Gmail inbox on the Windows 11 PC or laptop then, it is easy with the app. Yes, using the Gmail app will be on desktop and you can access your Gmail inbox just by clicking on the mail icon. For that, you have to install and set up the Gmail app in Windows 11.

Signing into Gmail has become one of the most trusted and fast email services across the world. This email service provider is known for having excellent features and powerful security that will keep your Gmail account completely secure and safe. To login to Gmail for Windows 11, you will need to first create a Gmail desktop app and for that, move ahead with the below-given steps.

What should I do to log in to Gmail for windows 11?

Create Gmail Desktop App in Windows 11

To create a desktop app of Gmail on Windows 11 is not that much tough but still, you will need to follow the exact step to avoid any hassle in the future.

Step 1- First of all, go to the Gmail that appears under the account through the Chrome browser and then, click on the gear icon that appears in the upper-right corner and then, click on the option that says “See All Settings”

Step 2- Now, you have to go to the “Offline” tab and enable offline access to the mail by ticking this box and choosing the preference to save and delete files. If you only have to access to the PC then, for a better experience, you have to choose the “Keep offline data on my PC” option

Step 3- After that, go to the Gmail on the main page where the incoming and outgoing messages are and then, click on the icon that appears in the upper-right corner. From the appeared menu, you have to select More Tools > Create Shortcut

Step 4- Check the box that appears just before “Open in the separate window” and then, click on create and a Gmail shortcut will appear on the Windows 11 desktop that you can launch and be in the Inbox

What about Gmail Service in Windows OS?

The Mail app is the preinstalled app that comes with Windows 11 and it is also set as the default email client for when you click on the mail to link or request that needs to open an email client. Let’s move ahead with the steps to set up a Gmail account in the Windows 11 Mail app and you are all done with it.

Setup Gmail Account for Windows 11 Mail App

The user has the facility to add multiple email accounts to the Mail app in Windows 11. You will be able to send and receive emails by using any of the added email accounts in the Mail app. If you set up

your Windows with the MS account by default another email service, and then the email account will be added automatically to the Mail app.

Let’s move ahead with the steps to set up a Gmail account in Windows 11

• First of all, launch the Mail app from the taskbar through the Start menu
• In the Mail app, click on Accounts that appear in the left panel
• After that, click on Add account appears in the right pane
• In the “Add an Account” window, you will need to choose Google if you want to add a Gmail account. Choose others if you want to add a different email account
• Log in to the Gmail account by entering your credentials in the following pop-up window
• You will be asked for the confirmation to make changes in Windows to access your Google account and click on Allow to proceed

Here you are all done and your Gmail account should be now added successfully to the Mail app in the Windows 11

When you are done with adding your Gmail account, you can start seeing your emails from that account and by choosing the account under the Accounts section appears on the left panel in the Mail app

Similar to seeing the Inbox of an added email account send an email by using a certain email accou8nt and choose it under Accounts and then, click on the New Mail appears on the left panel to compose a new email in the required Mai app

Here you can easily add more Gmail accounts or other email accounts to the Mail app by repeating the same by clicking on the Add account and following the on-screen prompts to sign in to the email account

Enable Gmail Notifications on Windows 11

To stay updated on all of the incoming emails and messages, it is very much recommended to enable notifications of Gmail for Windows 11. If notification is disabled then, you won’t be able to get any notifications of email or messages.

To start, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to open the browser and log in to the Gmail account

Step 1- When you are on the Gmail home page, click on the Settings cog in the top-right hand corner and choose to See All Settings

Step 2- Next, on the General tab you have to scroll down unless you see the Desktop Notifications section and you will see three different options and that is-

• New Mail Notifications on
• Mail Notifications off
• Important mail notifications on

Step 3- When you successfully have made the change and chosen either of the first two options then, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. After that, click on the Save Changes and if you don’t then, unfortunately, you have to do every step one more time.

Now, you can see that Gmail is successfully added to your Windows 11 and you easily can send and receive emails. Enabling notification of Gmail for Windows 11 is very simple and when you enabled it you will be stay updated with each message and update of your Gmail account.