Quick ways to access AOL Mail for Mac device

AOL Mail can be accessed from any device whether it is Windows, Mac, or Android devices. This email service is known for its simple interface that allows you to customize email settings as you need. You can easily access AOL Mail for the Mac device and for that you have to follow a few steps mentioned below.

We are here with the exact steps to set up an AOL account in the Mail application on the Mac by using either IMAP or POP Protocol. Before moving ahead with the steps to access AOL Mail for Mac device, it is advisable to check the internet connection and an updated version of AOL mail because an old version never works.

Quick ways to access AOL Mail for Mac device

Set Up AOL Mail on Mac Using IMAP

As you can always check the AOL Email through a trusted web browser, Apple Mail makes it simple for you to access the same content and exciting features from the AOL App. There are two ways to do this of which one is to use POP (Post Office Protocol). Neither is tough to configure as the Mail app on the iPhone comes pre-configured for both POP and IMAP mail for the AOL Mail.

Ways to set up AOL using IMAP Protocol

• First of all, open the Apple Mail, and choose Mail > Preferences from the menu bar
• Then, choose the Accounts tab and choose the + button that appears under the accounts list
• After that, you have to choose AOL and after that, choose Continue
• Now, you have to enter the name, AOL Email Address, and AOL Password appears in the text fields
• Then, choose Sign in and highlight the advanced created AOL Account in the Accounts list
• This is the time to choose the Mailbox Behaviors tab
• Make sure that the Store sent the message on the server appears in the Sent pane is not checked
• In the Junk panel, you have to open the drop-down menu and choose Quitting Mail
• Now, close the Accounts configuration window and you have to choose to Save if prompted to Save Changes to the “AOL” IMAP account

Setup AOL Mail on the Mac by using POP

You easily can set up AOL Mail on the Mac by using POP, and for that, you have to follow a few steps given below-

• First of all, set up the AOL Account as appeared in the previous section
• Choose the Server Settings tab and in the Outgoing Mail Account menu, choose Edit SMTP server list appears from the drop-down menu
• After that, choose the + sign and double-click on the highlighted text that appears under the Server Name
• This is the time to enter the smtp.aol.com in the Hostname and enter the AOL Username and password into the corresponding boxes
• After that, you have to choose to Agree on the terms and agreements page and choose the applications which you want to use with this mail account and choose Done

This is the time to close the Accounts configuration window

Because you have set up AOL Mail from Mac so, you must know about it. Let’s move ahead with the exact information about POP3 Settings

POP Settings for AOL Mail

When you want to connect with the AOL Mail account through POP from another email program, you have to move ahead with the requested details mentioned below-

• AOL Mail POP3 server address: pop.aol.com
• AOL Mail POP username: Your AOL Mail screen name
• AOL Mail POP password: Your AOL Mail password
• AOL Mail POP Port: 995
• AOL Mail POP TLS/SSL required: yes

These are the exact way to complete the entire procedure of adding AOL Mail from a Mac device. You can call on AOL Helpline Contact Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. They have experience of dealing with AOL-related errors and issues so contact them anytime you need help.