Quick ways to fix AOL not working on Windows and Android App

AOL mail has become one of the best email services across the world. This email service is known for having excellent features and one can use it on their device. Whether it is Windows PC, Android, or iOS, you can enjoy this email service on your device. AOL mail has a simple interface and therefore you can send emails to anyone by linking the attachment or marking the email as spam or any other email-related customization.

You might get stuck sometimes when you are unable to use AOL mail on your Android and Windows app. First of all, you should check the internet connectivity and if there is any error from the internet connection then, disconnect it now and reconnect your device to a good connection and then, check if AOL is working. If not then, there is some internal error which we will discuss to solve if AOL not working on Windows and Android App. You can follow a few steps given below for Windows and Android App.

Quick ways to fix AOL not working on Windows and Android App

AOL Stops Working on Windows

AOL Mail Server Settings – If you are stuck because AOL stops working on Windows then, all you need to do is to check the server settings. There might be an issue with the server’s end so, it is recommended to fix the errors that might occur because of a bad server connection.

AOL and Windows Compatibility Error – When AOL stops working on Windows then, you have to check the Windows and AOL versions. If you are using an old version of AOL or Windows then, there might be compatibility issues with it and hence, AOL has stopped working. In such a case, all you need to do is to install the latest version of Windows and AOL mail and restart your device and application to see if the error persists.

Add AOL Email to Windows – If you haven’t added AOL email to Windows mail then, AOL might get you stuck while working on the device. To do so, open the AOL app by clicking on the Windows start menu and choose Mail. If you have opened the Mail app, you will see a Welcome page. Now, choose Add account and select enter the account which you want to add. Enter the required detail and click on Sign in and click on the done option and you are all set.

These are a few resolutions of AOL not working on Windows and now you can enjoy your AOL app on your Windows phone.

AOL Stops Working on Android

AOL Mail comes with an app that an Android user can install to enjoy the AOL Mail service anywhere and anytime. If you are stuck when AOL stops working on Android then, all you need to do is to follow a few steps given below.

An Old Version of AOL Mail - AOL mail might stop working because there is an old version you are using on it. In such a case, you will need to go to the Play Store and then, go to the Installed Application and search for AOL Mail. Tap on it and then, check if there is an Update option available. Tap on it to install the new version and use it without any restriction.

Close AOL and Other Application - AOL mail is the best email service but it sometimes stops working on your device. In such a case, you will need to close all the running applications and try to open AOL Mail again. You also can restart the device and try to launch AOL Mail again.

<>Delete and Reinstall AOL App - This method is a little unorthodox compared to the first two and the method is also the simplest one. To do so,

• Tap on the home option or the icon on the Android Phone
• After that, scroll down the apps list you have downloaded on your Android phone
• Now, you have to press and then, hold the AOL Apps and then, wait for a while to show up
• Then, choose or just tap on the Uninstall option from the appeared list and then the AOL app will be deleted
• Now, go to the Play Store and then, install the AOL app on the Android device
• After that, you are all set with the reinstallation of AOL Mail and now, you can use your AOL mail again.

These are the exact resolutions of AOL Mail not working on the Android App. You can call on contact AOL Support phone to get in touch with the experts for instant and reliable assistance. The technical experts will help you out if there is an internal error linked with AOL mail. This is the best way to solve any error linked with AOL Mail.