Reset forgotten Gmail password on mobile or desktop

Gmail has been their favorite to people for many reasons, such as the service has been very easy for them to use and to understand the user interface design of the service has really been attractive and at the same time, it has been easy for the users to understand and further use. So, it can be said that there is nothing better than the Gmail service that should be taken into consideration to use for the exchange of emails.

Resetting forgotten Gmail password on mobile or desktop:

Almost all the procedures associated with the Gmail service, are easy to be conducted by the users, but still, there are certain procedures that the user may not be able to conduct with so much ease due to lack of technical knowledge, one such confusing process can be resetting forgotten Gmail password on mobile or desktop. So, here further we will see how the users can reset forgotten Gmail passwords on mobile or desktop.

Reset forgotten Gmail password on mobile or desktop

A procedure that should be followed:

But the matter of fact is that the whole process of conducting a reset of the password is not something very tricky but still for the ease of use here we will discuss each and every step well in detail so that the process would not appear tough to those from the non-technical background.

Steps for resetting the Gmail password on desktop:

• You should open the Google account
• Next, you will have to sign in
• In the security section, the user will have to choose “signing in to Google”
• The user will then have to choose a password
• The user will further have to enter a new password and will have to click on “change password”

Steps for resetting Gmail password on mobile:

• On the device, the user is advised to open “settings”
• Further, the user will have to open the “security” section
• After that, the user will have to enter a new password and will have to click on change password.

If in case, the user needs to recover a Gmail account, of which the user has lost access, then, in that case, the procedure would slightly differ, as in this case, the user will have to get the ownership verified, for that the user will receive a verification code on the mobile number that is registered or on the alternate email ID that has been registered with Gmail.

The user will have to click on the forgot password link, further, the user will have to enter the phone number registered with Gmail for receiving the verification code as a text message, then as soon as the user will enter the verification code in the given field Gmail will then allow the user to get a reset done for the password. After this, the user will be able to open Gmail once again with the same ease and smoothness and that is something which is most loved by the Gmail account users about the service.


If you have lost or forgotten password for your Gmail account, then you can simply verify your ownership for the account, through the registered mobile number or through the alternate email address, and then you can further get a new password, through which the users can easily get access to the Gmail account. The users are requested to give a proper read to the guide as it has been given here; reading all the details carefully is really going to be very helpful for the people using Gmail in many ways. All the information has been added here very well.