What to do for scanning Gmail for viruses?

Gmail has always been so smooth and easy for the users to use; there can be nothing better than Gmail for people if they are at any time looking around for an option through which they can easily communicate.

Scanning Gmail for viruses

As all the time nowadays it has been seen that IT world, has been becoming more and more advanced and updated with each passing day, in these times the most popular source through which viruses do get into the system are the emails that the users of the systems and the devices do get to receive on a daily basis, but there are certain elements through which the users of the systems and the devices can very efficiently fight against all the viruses and such dangerous things, the best option is having an antivirus installed on the system, but even if that is not there the users can also use Gmail to scan emails for viruses, and thus they can keep their systems and devices well protected against all sorts of viral attacks and other such dangerous unwanted traps.

What to do for scanning Gmail for viruses?

Scanning for Incoming Gmail messages:

Google has been using undisclosed software installed in Gmail for the detection of viruses in the emails that are entering into the inbox of a Gmail ID, every email that comes for any Gmail user is first of all checked by Gmail, and if there are any type of viruses detected, then such an email is returned back to the sender even before reaching to the inbox of the user in Gmail. This is how Gmail works on protecting the systems of the users from the dangerous elements that can cause harm to the systems in various ways.

Scanning the outgoing Gmail messages:

Gmail not only takes responsibility for the incoming emails, but it also works in the same way for the outgoing mails also, each email that is sent through a Gmail ID, is scanned also all the attachments are well scanned before sending them. This is how Gmail protects other systems from falling prey to any type of harmful element as that may cause serious problems for the users.

In order to remove any virus containing attachment from an outgoing email in Gmail the user will have to follow the given steps:

• As the user gets to see the error message the user will just have to click “ok”
• Next, if required then the user will have to click on “cancel” and the user will then be able to return to the email the user is trying to send
• The user can also check why the attachment has been blocked by clicking on the help button.

So, yes even if a person does not have a proper antivirus software program installed on the computer still such a user can rely on Gmail for help. But also one should keep in mind that scanning of the emails done through the email services is really very basic and thus one may need more features and security points to keep the computer or the device well in health.


There are so many features that do come associated with the Gmail email service, there is nothing that can be as safe and as secure as Gmail is, for understanding the scanning of emails in Gmail in a better way, the users are advised to read the guide very carefully and are also advised to follow further instructions as they have been given here. Other than this also the users can ask for guidance from the Gmail service wherever at whatever point they feel like it.