How can I set up Gmail IMAP for a better experience?

People commonly want to receive Gmail using a separate email client so that, they can set up their Gmail account in the email client like Apple Mail or Outlook and can get all of their mail from one place. All the users have to do is to enter the IMAP settings so that the email client will know the Gmail messages retrieve procedure.

Introduction of IMAP and SMTP for Gmail


IMAP stands for Internet Access Message Protocol and it allows the email clients to communicate with an email service like Gmail. For the old POP3 email protocol, IMAP is the ideal replacement. It has so many benefits including the ability to keep the status of the email in synchronizing, and access mailboxes on the single server and at the same time, it will allow for the server-side to search for the content. The user can read Gmail on multiple devices using IMAP and also the messages and folders will be synchronized in real-time. Let’s move ahead with the procedure to Setup Gmail IMAP for better experience.

How can I set up Gmail IMAP for a better experience?


For Gmail to send email using another email program, the program definitely has to communicate with the email servers of Gmail. It actually does this via SMTP server settings. SMTP server stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and the settings are the same for any email provider which you use with Gmail.

How to activate IMAP in Gmail?

To access a Gmail account on the mobile device or email program through the IMAP protocol, you will have to activate IMAP in Gmail.

• First of all, go to the web browser to open Gmail
• Now, choose the Settings gear that appears in the upper-right corner
• Go to the See all settings option and choose Forwarding and IMAP/POP tab
• There you have to choose Enable IMAP in the IMAP Access section
• Leave the other settings on the default selections and choose Save Changes

Can I set up Gmail with IMAP?

When the users have enabled IMAP in Gmail then, they can easily set up a new IMAP account in the email client of their choice. We will discuss the exact IMAP setting for Gmail so that one can easily follow the steps as they are given.

What are the IMAP settings of Gmail for Outgoing mail?

Receiving Gmail messages on other devices is simple and for that, you will have to enter a few settings as per the directions for the chosen application-

• Gmail IMAP username: Full Gmail address of the user
• Gmail IMAP server address:
• Gmail IMAP Password: Gmail password of the user
• Gmail IMAP SSL/TLS needed: Yes
• Gmail IMAP Port: 993

What are the SMTP Settings for Incoming Mail in Gmail?

Setup your client to receive Gmail messages, it is ideal to provide settings to allow it for sending emails. Messages will be sent by using SMTP settings. All the users will need to have these SMTP settings for accessing Gmail with another mail client.

• Gmail SMTP server address:
• Gmail SMTP username: Complete the Gmail address of the user
• Gmail SMTP password: Gmail password of the user
• Gmail SMTP Port (SSL): 465
• Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587
• Gmail SMTP SSL/TLS needed: yes

One can either use SSL or TLS, depending on the email client. Check the email client documentation to decide the appropriate one.

Default IMAP and POP3 Settings in Gmail

SMTP is the only setting that is ideal to be used for sending an email. All the user needs to do is to provide the Settings to receive emails. Receiving mail is done via IMAP or POP3 servers. Before the user checks those settings in the email client, all they have to do is to enable access through settings within Gmail by going to Settings > Forwarding and IMAP/POP.

Troubleshoot Gmail not sending mail issue

In case, if the user is not able to send mail after setting up SMTP or IMAP, then the very first thing they have to do is to check the entered password before moving anywhere else. If not remember then, the user should reset or retrieve the Gmail password.

There are some apps that use less secure technologies for signing into an email account and Gmail will block these requests by default. In such cases, the user will receive a message that is linked with the security of the email client. To troubleshoot this issue,

• Sign into Gmail account by going to a web browser
• There one should enable access via less secure apps
• If that is not the cause behind Gmail is not working in Email clients then, the user will need to unlock it

Unlock Gmail for less secure app

• Open Gmail and choose the photo or profile icon in the upper-right corner
• Choose Manage your Google Account and choose Security from lest sidebar menu
• Scroll down to see Less Secure App Access and choose Turn on access
• This is the time to choose the Allow Less Secure Apps toggle switch to unlock it

SMTP and IMAP settings should be set up securely in Gmail to use your account from the email client. Make sure to enter the correct credentials to avoid any issue while signing into the account.