How to set up Gmail professional email address on Android?

Gmail allows the users to add the Professional Email account for Google Pixel or another Android. You also can send and receive business emails using the Android device. To add your professional email address on Android, it is highly suggested to follow the setup procedure.

How can I set up a procedure to add professional email to Gmail?

One can easily Set Up Gmail professional email address on Android and for that, you will need to move ahead with a few steps which are mentioned below.

How to set up Gmail professional email address on Android?

• First of all, open the Gmail app and tap on Add an email if you are new to Gmail
• If you have an account on Gmail then, tap on the Profile and Add another account
• Tap on Other under the Setup email and enter the professional email address and tap on Next
• Tap on Personal (IMAP) and enter the password and tap on Next
• Edit the incoming server to and tap on Next
• Edit the Outgoing SMTP server for and tap on Next
• After that, choose the Account Options and tap on Next
• Update the Account name and the Name and tap on Next to finish the setup and get back to the inbox

Professional Email is now successfully added on the Android device and you are all set!

Can I link my work account to Gmail?

Linking a work Gmail account is a simple task and thanks to the settings section that has a user-friendly interface in Gmail. It also offers filtering capability and is simple to the setup of Smartphones than accounts by using MS Exchange or standard POP and IMAP. When you link the work email to Gmail, all of those emails will go through the Gmail account and will be flagged as beginning from the work account.

You will also be capable to reply using the same email as that the receivers won’t be aware that the email was sent by Gmail.

• Sign in to the Gmail account and go to ‘Account Settings’ in the upper-right corner of the screen
• Go to the ‘Accounts and Import’ and click on ‘Add a POP3 account’. It will appear midway down the page
• Then, enter the email you want to check through Gmail and click on ‘Next’ and a window will appear on the screen which asks for the username, POP3, and password server
• Check the box ‘Leave a copy of the recovered message on the server’ if you want to keep a copy of emails on the work server
• After that, check the ‘Label incoming messages’ box, and if you want all of the work emails to have a unique label that identified them quickly as originating from the work email
• Click on ‘Next’ and a window will then appear prompting if you want to send messages by using the work email
• Checkmark the box in front of ‘Yes I want to be able to send email from’ and you will be prompted for the name which appears while sending email and click on the Next

You have two options in which you could route via the Gmail servers and if you choose this, send verification and enter the code and the setup is completed

Because this is a work email, then it is suggested to send by using the work domain servers

• If you have chosen to send via the work domain server and then, enter the SMTP server and the port number for the work email
• Enter the credentials of work email including username and password either SSL or TSL for the secured connection. If TSL doesn’t work then, try the SSL and choose Add Account
• When the authentication is verified successfully, then a code will be sent to the work email. There you have to sign in to the work email and recover the code and enter it into the Gmail settings
• Make sure to choose the option to ‘Reply from the same address the emails was sent to’ under the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab of the Gmail settings

Wrap Up-

Either you can set up Gmail professional email address on Android or you just can link your work account to Gmail and it depends on your choice. Both work fantastically and will allow you to send emails in a professional format.