What should I do to set up Google workspace email?

Google Workspace service is ideally designed to help the users with a lot of things. But one of the most outstanding features is that it will host the email for the users and allow them to use the Gmail interface with their own domain name and give them a professional email address.

How to set up Google Workspace email for business use?

You easily can set up Google Workspace email for business usage and do so, all you have to do is to-

What should I do to set up Google workspace email?

• Go to the sign up page of Google Workspace and after that, click on the Get Started option. There you have to choose the best plan which suits you best. The starter plan for business email is very simple for most of the people
• You will need to follow a few steps to enter the account credentials. After account creation, you will be prompted to add any additional people to the account
• You only need to do this if you have more than an actual person which should be mentioned in an email account and their individual inbox
• People usually think that there is no need to create additional users as they simply can set up additional email addresses but they are wrong

Google Workspace comes with a facility to create up to 30 email addresses per user and there is no need to pay for 30 licenses. So, move ahead with a few below-given steps to set up Google Workspace Email for better business use.

• All you have to do is to check domain ownership but if you only have opted to use the existing domain instead of creating a new one through Google Domains while the setup procedure.
• If you have purchased a new domain through the Google by following the on-screen prompts without the verification
• When the verification of domain is finished, if you used email previously on the existing domain with the several hosting providers then, you will be redirected and it will start receiving n the new Google Workspace inbox
• From here, you can easily import the email history from the prior email account. Google comes with a data migration system that is available for this

Google comes with a free 14 days trial to experience Google Workspace. At any point while or after this trial period, you will need to sign in to the new Google Admin Console and follow the instructions to set up the Billing

You are all done with the setup procedure and now, you can use Google Workspace email.

Can I add other people to Google Workspace Email?

When you are finished with the above-given steps then, you will see a confirmation page in which your account was created and an option to Go to Setup. Now, all you have to do is to move ahead with the below-given procedure.

• If you want to give other people access to the shared Google Workspace account, then click on Start appears next to Add People to the Google Workspace account
• After doing this, you will be able to add additional users. If you are the only person who uses this Google Workspace account then check the box which says I added all user email and click on Next

How to add signature in Google Workspace Email?

You easily can add signature in Google Workspace email and for that, you will need to stick with a few steps which are mentioned below-

• The first and foremost step is to click on the cog icon that appears in the upper-right and click on the See all Settings
• After that, scroll down unless you find the Signature section and click on Create new and enter the signature name and click on Create button
• Enter the logo by using the option that is circled on the toolbar and when you upload the logo into the signature, you can left-click on it to select which size you want
• At the place of left-side clicking, you will need to click and drag the mouse on the logo from the right to left so, it becomes highlighted
• When it is highlighted in this way, you can click on the link icon that appears on the toolbar to add the URL, which you like to appear when someone clicks on it in the email signature
• At final, you will need to choose the new signature as the default for the new emails and then, click on the Save Changes option that appears at the bottom of the page

Here you are all done with the steps to set up Google workspace email. Make sure that you have a good internet connection. When the trial period expires, you will need to pay to use Google Workspace email service.