What to do to Set Up Push Gmail in iPhone?

There are a few creative tricks through which you can make sure that your emails come through on time to Gmail. There is no need to wait in 15 minutes intervals and let’s move ahead with the options to get emails immediately by setting up push Gmail in iPhone.

Setup Push Gmail Account in iPhone Mail- Paid

One can easily set up the Mail app to get and manage Gmail that differs slightly depends on whether you have a free or paid Exchange account of Gmail. Paid Exchange accounts are the main business accounts and to add Gmail as a push Exchange account to iPhone Mail.

What to do to Set Up Push Gmail in iPhone?

• First of all, tap on Settings on the iPhone Home screen
• After that, choose Mail and go to Accounts
• Then, you have to Add an Account and choose Microsoft Exchange from the available options
• Enter the email address in the required Gmail address domain and add a description that appears in the field and tap on Next
• Choose either to Sign In or Configure Manually. If you have chosen Sign In, enter the email address to Exchange Account detail
• If you choose Configure Manually, enter the password and other details manually then, tap on Next
• Enter the requested information on the screen so that you can easily set up the paid account of Gmail on iPhone and tap on Next
• You will need to indicate which Exchange folders you have to push to iPhone Mail and the previous days of the messages which you have to synchronize
• Go back to the Accounts screen and tap on the Push option that appears next to the Fetch New Data. Ensure that the Exchange account which says Push or Fetch appears next to it

Click on Automatic in the Fetch section to get the email that you sent to the Exchange account as soon as possible. If you prefer to get emails at a long-time-interval then, choose Every 15 Minutes and 30 Minutes or another

Setup Free Gmail Push in iPhone Mail App

You can add a free Gmail account to the iPhone Mail where it is assigned an individual inbox-

• Now, you have to tap on Settings on the iPhone Home Screen
• Choose Mail and go to Accounts and tap on the Add Account
• After that, Google from the options appeared and enter the Gmail address in the provided field. Tap on Next
• Enter the Gmail password in the required field and tap on Next and indicate the folders which you want to push to iPhone Mail
• Get back to the Accounts and Passwords screen and tap on Push appears next to Fetch New Data
• Make sure that the Gmail account says Fetch or Push next to it and at the bottom of the same screen
• Click on Automatically in the Fetch section to get the email sent to the email account as soon as possible

Things to do after setup free Gmail Push

The main thing you will need to take care of is to be alert when replying to emails. Make sure that you have chosen the From Address on which you want to reply to any given email. Else, it will be in the default to the iCloud address when you reply to an email. You will only be able to choose the Gmail account for the reply when your Gmail account is enabled in the Settings section so that your replies will don’t look like that it has come from iCloud.

Wrap Up-

Although it might not matter for some people, for others it is an emergency task to get notification of any new email message instantly. This limitation is one of the main causes people select to use a different email app instead of the Apple Mail App.