How to sign in and sign out from a Gmail account?

Many Gmail users commonly sign into multiple accounts altogether as it allows them to manage works and personal conversations without logging in and out of every account all the time they want to switch. Errors are something that arises while attempting to sign in and out of a mail account from a mobile or browser.

There is a way to complete this action on this desktop; you will need help from the app on Android or iPhone devices. To Log in and sign out from Gmail Account on browser and app, it is advisable to follow a few steps which are mentioned below.

How to sign in and sign out from a Gmail account?

Steps to Login to Gmail on Mobile Device

On the Mobile phone, you will automatically sign into Gmail. If you have signed out or have deleted the app, you can log in back by sticking with these steps.

Step 1- First and foremost, download and open the app on the iOS or Android device

Step 2- Go To on the “Sign in” option that is at the bottom of the screen and if you have already an account that is linked in the app and you wish to add another, tap on the profile icon that appears in the top-right corner, and then, tap on the “Add another account”

Step 3- Go on Google on the next page and then, tap on “Continue” to permit Google to log into your Gmail and then, follow the steps to Log in

Step 4- Now, check the box appearing next to “Remember me” to stay logged into on your device, and here you are all set with the sign-in procedure of Google Mail

Steps Sign in to Gmail on Computer

To sign in to Gmail on the Mac or PC, you will need to go to and enter the email when you will be asked to do so and enter the password

• Check the box given next to “Remember me” if you like to stay logged in automatically
• And if you are signing in on the shared or public device, never forget to log out of Gmail when you are done for the day

Log out from Google on PC

To Log out of one Gmail, all you have to do is to use the app for Android or an iPhone. It is commonly preinstalled on Android devices but it can be downloaded from the iPhone. You can log out of one account on the Windows or Mac PC from the Mobile app.

• Open the mail app on the Mobile and login to the Account which you want to out of in the desktop browser
• Go on the profile picture on the name that appears in the top right corner of the screen and tap on “Google Account”
• Locate the “Security” tab and then, tap on the “Your Devices” and after that, “Manage Devices” and you will see a list of all devices that are currently logged into the Gmail
• This is the time to choose the device you want to log out and tap on the three-dot icon that appears next to the device name and then, taps on “Sign out”

Else, you can use the mobile app instead of the desktop version as switching between accounts that appear in the app is so simple. In addition, you can get new email notifications for every account even if you don’t keep the app open.

Steps to Log out of Gmail App on iPhone and iPad

In the app for the iPhone or iPad and you can sign out in different two ways and you can pause the Gmail, or you can remove the account from the device

Rule 1- Open the app on the iPad or iPhone and Go on the Google profile icon that appears in the top-right corner of the screen

Rule 2- Tap on the “Manage Accounts on this Device” in the menu that appears on the screen and you will see a list that is added to the device

Rule 3- If you want to disable an account on a temporary basis, it is advisable to tap the switch that appears beside the name. Tap on the “Remove from this Device” option

Rule 4- Confirm the action using the “Remove” button in the pop-up and here you are all done as Gmail will be logged out

Rule 5- Tap on the “Done” option appears at the top of the Manage Accounts page to move back to the Home Screen

Log out of Gmail App on Android

Google is linked to the Android OS and the only way to Sign out of Google is to log out of the entire Google Account on Android

• To sign out of mail on Android, you will need to use the Settings app and this app interface might be slightly different and it depends on the Android smartphone which you are using
• The app has a handy shortcut to open the Accounts page in the Settings. Open the App on the Android Smartphone and tap on the Google Profile icon that appears in the top-right corner of the screen
• Tap on the “Manage Accounts on this Device” option and it will open the “Accounts” screen in the Settings
• Go on the Gmail which you want to sign out from and tap on the “Remove Account” option and in the pop-up, tap on the “Remove Account” option again to confirm

Google Account will be removed from the Android Smartphone, and then you will be signed out of the Gmail app as well

Remotely Log Out of Gmail on Missing or Lost Device

You can use the device management feature in Google to sign out of the device even if you don’t have access to it and if you have lost your laptop or Mobile device

First of all

Open the Gmail in the trusted browser and click on the Google Profile icon that appears in the top-right corner and select the “Manage the Google Account” option


Choose the “Security” tab and then, click on the “Manage Devices” option that appears at the bottom of the “Your Devices” section


You will see the devices list which is currently signed out from Google and find the device from which you have to Log out

After that

Click on that Menu button and select the “log Out” and when you will be asked to “Sign Out” in the prompt then, choose this button to confirm the action

The Google Account will be logged out from the device and follow the steps with the other devices which you want to Sign out from the device. You are all done with the sign-in and log-out from your Gmail account.