The Unbelievable Working Procedure of TalkTalk Call Safe

Isn’t it nice to pick up your Home Phone by always knowing that it is a call that you really want? No unwanted callers, no sales pitches, no scammers. We are helping you get just that and all you have to do is switch on your Free CallSafe. TalkTalk has launched a new call-screening service, CallSafe, to cut the number of scams as well as unwanted sales calls its clients to have to deal with. The provider of broadband started a pre-public launch in November 2017 to test the pilot across current TalkTalk users. In this post, we will discuss the unbelievable working procedure of TalkTalk Call Safe. Well, it works with all TalkTalk push-button landline telephones and it is free service but it has to be activated on home telephones just by the person who pays the broadband and phone bill.

The Unbelievable Working Procedure of TalkTalk Call Safe

Working Procedures of CallSafe:

Every time customers get a call, the application identifies to see if the caller is someone they want to hear from. The callers are then approved and put straight through, blocked so that the telephone doesn’t ring or screened to confirm their uniqueness.

Every time you get a call, CallSafe identifies to make sure it is someone that you want to hear from. The caller is then either:

• Approved and put straight via to you
• Blocked so that your telephone doesn’t ring
• Screened to make sure who they are

Numbers which you have dialed more than one time in the last 35 days will be Approved automatically, and any numbers you have barred using Last Caller Barring will be blocked. When a call is screened, the caller is asked to record their name. CallSafe will then play it back to you and you select how to deal with the call. Unwanted callers usually hang up at this stage as they do not want to leave their information.

TalkTalk says, “Screened callers are asked to record their name and CallSafe plays it back to you”.

“You then, select how you want to deal with the call. Usually, unwanted callers hang up at this stage because they don’t want to leave their information”

CallSafe also contains a national database of known unwanted callers including landline or mobile numbers linked to known scams or sales operations. If any of these numbers try to get through, your phone will not even ring.

Numbers dialed more than once in the past 35days are automatically added to an Approved list Customers can customize which numbers appear on this list at any time, either online or by calling 1472

Withheld Numbers

Some customers expressed concerns about which important calls won’t it passed. The basic operation of CallSafe, such as health trusts who often calls to patients using a withheld number.

Callers only have to identify themselves to the phone recipients before they can be accepted into the safe list. The users can approve specific numbers to go bypass the CallSafe service.

Customers can also block individual withheld numbers if they are being targeted by fake or cold callers.

Will CallSafe work with my other TalkTalk Calling features?

Yes, all incoming calling features work well with the CallSafe, except:

Reminder Call- If you want to use reminder call with CallSafe, please get in touch
Call Divert to another CallSafe user- Screened calls won’t be passed through
Last Caller Barring- Block the last number to call you

CallSafe Compatibility

• CallSafe is only available to TalkTalk customers
• It’ll work with all push-button landline telephones, provided that any call blocking products are switched off, like as True Caller or BT Guardian
• There are some handset answering machines as well as personalized greetings which CallSafe isn’t compatible with. It is advisable to use TalkTalk voicemail
• CallSafe isn’t compatible with text phones as well as fax machines

You should add automated callers like as security or care alarm providers, to your Approved List If you are facing any issue then, calling on TalkTalk Mail UK will definitely resolve the errors as soon as possible, the teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.