What are the easy ways to fix AOL not working on iPhone?

AOL is the best email service when it comes to operating with a handy device. it is available for all mobile phones such as Android, iPad, Blackberry, PC, or iPhone. Of you have an iPhone then, you can easily set up your AOL Account by using the Mail application. Although at some point, you will have experienced some issues with your mail. It isn’t anything new or even difficult at all. It looks like common iPhone users that they might experience an issue when logging into their AOL email accounts or receiving new mail. Fortunately, there are always ways to resolve if AOL Mail isn’t working on iPhone. Before that, let’s move ahead with Reasons for this error.

What are the easy ways to fix AOL not working on iPhone?

Reasons for AOL Mail not working:

• Poor and weak internet connection leads to this not working issue of AOL with iPhone
• An old or outdated AOL version
• The incorrect username and the password lead to this error

Solution 1: Use Airplane Mode to Resolve AOL Mail Issue

One problem that the users often face with the AOL Mail app is an error that prevents people from receiving new emails even after refreshing their inbox. If you are experiencing this problem then, it is highly possible that the issue is occurred due to the network from your end rather than the application itself. Sometimes, even when your iPhone is indicating that you have an internet connection, it might not be correct. For that, try to use the Airplane mode to resolve any possible network error if your AOL mail isn’t working on iPhone.

Here’s how to turn on Airplane Mode from iPhone Settings

• Go to Settings from iPhone home screen
• Slide the bar apart from the Airplane Mode option to turn it green
• After a few minutes turn it off again

Solution 2: Reset your Network Settings for Stronger Impact

If you find that even after turning your airplane mode on and off, you cannot get rid of this loading issue then it is advisable to reset your network setting for Stronger Impact.

Here’s the exact step to reset the network settings of your iPhone:

• Go to the Settings application
• Now, scroll down unless you find the General options and then, yap on it to access the options
• Scroll down in the following page unless you find the “Reset” option and then, select it
• Now, choose the option “Reset Network Settings” and then, confirm the action
• Your network settings have been reset and if needed then, you can restart your iPhone and hopefully, you also will be able to access all of your essential AOL emails on your device

Solution 3: Remove AOL Account from iPhone and Add it Back

For removing your AOL account from iPhone, follow a given below steps

• Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts
• You’ll see a list of all accounts available on your iPhone
• Scroll unless your find the AOL Account and then choose it
• You’ll see “Delete Account” option appears at the bottom of the following page and click on it

By following the above-given steps to delete your AOL account and add your AOL account back for that you have to follow these steps:

• Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts
• At the bottom of the page, tap on the “Add Account” option
• From the open list, select “AOL” and sign in using your credentials
• Your AOL Mail account has been set up again and now you will be able to gain access to all your emails swiftly

Method 4: Setup 2 step verification of AOL Mail on iPhone

If you’ve enabled the 2-step verification process for your AOL account then, it might be the reason behind the AOL not working on the iPhone issue. For fixing it, follow a few more steps after setting up with iPhone

• Visit the Account security page of AOL on your device
• Click on the option “Manage” and make sure that the 2-step verification process is enabled
• Choose the “Connect Apps” option and then, choose the iOS Mail application and then, choose your iOS device as well
• Choose the option “Generate App Password” to get the unique password
• Copy the password and go to the AOL Mail account page in the iPhone Settings
• If you have not added AOL account to iPhone, follow the previous method above to set up your AOL email
• Paste the copied password to the password box as your AOL password on iPhone
• After that, clicking on “Save” to make the sure password change, you’ll soon be able to use your AOL mail as normal on your iPhone

Follow the given steps very carefully to avoid the issue and if the error still persists then, contact the experts on AOL Customer Care Number UK for instant help. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.